Turns out Liam and Chris Hemsworth’s dad is as ripped as his sons and the internet is thirsty

We all know the super fit, super talented Hemsworth brothers – Liam, Chris and Luke. Whether they’re starring on the big screen as our dream superheroes, making headlines with their secret weddings or starring in our latest sci-fi obsession (Westworld), we’re here for anything Hemsworth-related.

Now, in latest why-isn’t-my-boyfriend-genetically-blessed-like-that news, fans are creeping up on the Hemsworth brother’s dad, Craig Hemsworth, who has been featured in one of Liam’s latest Instagram posts.

Liam Hemsworth shared a photo of himself, his father Craig and mother Leonie as they went hiking in Hollywood, and the bunch are very much in shape. The natural lighting of the shot made dad Craig’s muscles really stand out and fans were quick to pick up on how “ripped” Liam’s old man is.

“Why wasn’t your dad cast as Thor. No offence @chrishemsworth, but your dad is #jacked,” said one user. While another wrote: “Is that your dad? OMG he’s ripped!”

These were followed by a lot of “#bodygoals”, “daddy” and “snack” comments, because… millennials on Instagram.

A quick scroll down Liam’s feed and turns out dad Craig has always been this fit. As a matter of fact, Liam is the spitting image of Craig when he was younger. Here’s proof:

Here’s Craig at his wedding to the gorgeous mum of the boys, Leonie:

Yep. Good looks sure do run in this family.

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