June 24, 2024

Turban, bracelet and shopping bag

Accessories are add-ons, but in no way are they a secondary element of the image. Try to put on a daily monophonic dress different ribbons or hats, different in style sets of jewelry, change your handbags.

Every day you are guaranteed to look different. Fashion trends of important additions were considered by the correspondent of SE.

On the head of the


Wide, very wide, narrow, very narrow, plastic, velvety, sheathed with silk – this summer the rims have become firmly in fashion. The most popular colors are gold, silver, black and white. The latter are used both separately and in an omish combination – white peas on a black background. Go rim almost everyone who has medium-length hair and below, you can wear not only with loose curls, but also braiding them in a braid or tail.

Bezel – 100 rubles, Marmalato


In Europe, this original headdress hits records of popularity, in Russia it is worn for the time being only in Moscow, but Novosibirsk is just about to bring the first trial lots. For example, in Marmalato knitted turbans can already be bought. True, it is too early to wear them in the summer – those that are presented in the store, rather autumn hats, stylized as a turban.

“This fall designers have prepared a surprise for us – the turban returned to fashion,

” said Svetlana Zubova, merchant of the Marmalato store. – This accessory allows a woman to show her individuality and independence, for good reason he was always part of the wardrobe of outstanding women. Even in Napoleonic times, the French writer Germain de Stael has made the turban an integral part of its image. ”

Knitted turbans – 500-600 rubles, Marmalato

Ribbons The

bandage for the hair has already been designated by us as the main trend of the season. It is worth recalling that this accessory is not only elastic, but also in the form of silk, satin or chiffon ribbons, which need to be tied on the back of the neck or a bow on top. The beauty of these tapes is that they can be twisted and twisted, as fantasy tells, so that one tape replaces several bandages or rims at once. In addition, this accessory is extraordinarily feminine and fits any, even sports style.

Silk and chiffon ribbons – 450 rubles, Lady


On the beach, and in the city on sunny days it is desirable to wear headdresses with fields. The best option is always popular straw or textile hats. This season the most current models with small fields, round top and very wide unexpectedly black ribbons.

Straw hat – from 520 rubles (sale), Accessorize

In ears

Ring-ear rings are still very popular – both plastic and metal. The larger the radius of the ring, the more fashionable its owner.

The highest glamor is to wear earrings from two rings attached to each other, hanging down to the shoulder. The colors of plastic are any, most importantly – bright.

You can not do without a black and white combination. Well, in peas, of course. In addition, “the retro style is now in vogue – a dark romantic collection of costume jewelry is very popular,” says Ekaterina Smolkina, manager of the Accessorize showroom. “A feminine romantic image is created by the spraying of metallic steel and black flowers, long earrings with crystals. ”

Earrings are long – from 150 rubles (sale), Accessorize;rings with gilding – 280 rubles, “sea”, plastic – 175 rubles, Marmalato.

On the neck

As for the beads, besides the above mentioned disco style – large plastic bright ornaments, such directions as country and vintage are very popular. “This summer we sell beads of different colors – from glass, mother-of-pearl, decorated with beads, seeds of exotic plants,” says Vera Savinykh, director of the store “Orchids – the world of jewelry”. – In great demand and artificially “aged” jewelry – brooches, cameos, chains of different sizes with a variety of pendants. ”

Beads, Czech beads – from 500 rubles, “Orchids – a world of jewelry”
Beads, plastic – from 250 rubles, Marmalato

In hands

Bags this summer are of two kinds: tiny – clutches and huge – shopping bags, or oversize bags.

Ideal for the first – light, preferably silvery, made of quilted material, a small handbag, which should be worn in the hand, despite the fact that it is attached to the chain-pen. “Clutches are those handbags, without which it will certainly be impossible to manage this season,” Svetlana Zubova is sure. “Now it’s not only an accessory for an evening out – the clutch plays the role of a classic city bag that you can take with you to a party. ”

Clutch – from 800 rubles, Mango The

big bag does not have to look like an economic one. It can even be used as an accessory for an evening dress, if made of silver or golden leather or from light suede.

And on the beach, this bag is simply irreplaceable. This summer is popular transparent plastic bags of bright colors, as well as straw.

Beach bag, bright textiles – 460 rubles, “Askania”

On hands

Bracelets are blown, large, of bright plastic – in general, disco 80’s. With elks and tunics look excellent. “The mood of the whole outfit can change, it would seem, such a small, but at the same time, significant accessory – a bracelet,” says Svetlana Zubova from Marmalato. – Today in the favorites bracelets made of metal and transparent plastic. They are perfectly combined with dresses of neutral tones, and with catchy colored outfits. ”

And even the most bulky bracelets do not have to be worn singly – several pieces on one wrist are fashionable.

In addition, popular bracelets, carved from wood, bone, ornamental stones. Massive, sparkling, they are decorated with large rhinestones and real mirror shards.

“Luxurious bracelets are made of matte or crocodile leather with large metal buckles, rivets, sequins and charms,” ​​continues Svetlana. – And for romantic naturals bracelets from lace or woven from silk threads and beads will suit. ”

Bracelets, plastic – 100 rubles (sale), wicker – 150 rubles (sell out), Accessorize

They say that when people meet they pay attention to the lips, eyes and … ornaments. Therefore, it is important to select them, guided first of all in their own way, style, suitable colors, and on fashion trends to pay attention only after you have become convinced that this accessory is for you. But still draw to look modern. Decorate!

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