The A-list’s go-to beauty guru, Gucci Westman, shares the genius multi-foundation technique her celebrity clients swear by

“My friends who I work with are all badasses in their own right. They’re incredible multi-taskers, mums, wives. They’re great at their job. I thought about how they like their makeup to be.

Makeup artist Gucci Westman is the skin pro the A-list – including Charlize, Jennifer, Julianne and Alicia – DM to perfect their skin, in her natural, glowy signature style. And it’s these women, among others, that inspired Gucci when creating her own skin-loving makeup range, Westman Atelier.

“I wanted intuitive products that would make it easy for them and all women to create beautiful skin, in a simplified way. So we’ve started with a very curated line-up of six products. It’s like a wardrobe for your face.”

As you’d expect from the queen of skin, the focus is on foundation. “It’s the most empowering product for me as I’d never go out to meet anyone without foundation. I have rosacea so it gives me the sense of confidence and I get compliments from people saying my skin is really nice, but if only they knew it’s not perfect.”

The range includes Vital Foundation Stick, Lit Up Highlighter and Baby Cheeks Blush, all swipe-on sticks. “I learnt makeup in Paris working with sticks and I felt it was an easier application, with less excess and I like the way it’s more malleable.”

Luckily, she’s also up for sharing her knowledge and skills. “Information doesn’t become important or celebrated unless it’s shared. If I learn something valuable or try something that’s amazing, whether it’s food or a facial, and I think it might help other women in their day-to-day, I love sharing it.”

So we had to ask, just exactly what are the skin secrets that have kept those A-list clients coming back for more?

“I always use multiple shades when I do foundation. I use a lighter shade around the triangle space from the t-zone and under your eyes, where you need a bit of brightening and lifting. Then I use a slightly deeper shade around the perimeter of the skin and then I patch them together. I don’t necessarily use foundation all over, I prefer to see the skin a little bit. I spot check a lot. I use a brush to get that one area as opposed to an entire section. With a beautiful canvas you have more playing room to do your eyes, brows and lips.”

Clean ingredients are also very much part of the Westman’s conscious beauty ethos. Gucci reveals she was brought up in Sweden and on an ashram in California. She’s a life-long vegetarian. With her own experience of skin sensitivity, skincare benefits were a must for the range. “We’ve worked hard to find active ingredients that target redness, inflammation, and protect you against pollution and provide long-term moisture. Everything has a specific purpose.”

So with the range aimed at simplifying and celebrating women’s everyday, who is Westman’s ultimate empowering muse?

“Jennifer Aniston! She is someone I’ve worked with for more than 20 years and she’s the epitome of someone who is really intelligent, empowered, fun, with a great sense of humour. She really is a generous friend in terms of listening and is always there for you, and she also looks the way she looks at 50!”

We’ll say woman power to that!

Westman Atelier launches exclusively at Net-a-Porter on 11th June.

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