Here are the best grocery delivery services to try

But where to order from? Don’t be put off by the rumours of scarce delivery slots and cancelled orders. Things might be a bit slower round these parts, but if you’re prepared and know where to shop, you could have all the food, drinks and household goods you need delivered to your door in one fell swoop.

Most supermarkets now have reliable stock and more delivery slots being added all the time. What’s more, once you have a delivery slot booked, most companies will let you amend your order.

As Coronavirus continues to spread, we’re spending more time at home than ever. That means no fancy dinners with friends, no Nando’s and no last-minute lunches at Pret. *Sigh*. Despite us needing more groceries to fuel those long days spent inside, going to the supermarket isn’t a very pleasant experience – particularly since you have to waste valuable Netflix/yoga/running time standing in a queue.

Luckily, there are alternatives. If you want a little more freedom than is offered by these healthy meal delivery services, exploring your grocery delivery service options is highly recommended. Boris Johnson actually advised *for* ordering your food online when he announced lockdown.

It’s also worth looking outside of larger supermarkets. Lesser known brands like Abel Cole, Riverford Organic and Planet Organic all offer delivery of organic produce (including household, meat, fish and pantry products) direct to your door. Abel Cole are taking orders from existing customers and offering a waitlist for new customers while British Corner Shop are taking just two-three days to dispatch your order. Riverford Organic have started a waiting list for new customers while Planet Organic are taking new orders from Monday 27th April if you live in London. There’s plenty of choice if you know where to look.

Every piece of baking equipment you need to make lockdown cakes like a pro

At this point, we’ve well and truly lost count of the days we’ve spent in isolation. In fact, we’re struggling to remember what the real world looks like. But one thing we are sure of is that baking is just about saving us from crawling up the walls. It’s great for your mental health, for sweetening up everyone you’re isolating with (that spilt coffee will be forgotten in an instant) *and* for curing boredom.

Banana bread, in particular, is the bake of the moment over on Instagram. Everyone is getting involved. If you’re not baking banana bread yourself, you’re eating banana bread, asking for a recipe or wondering why the hell everyone is so obsessed. (Seriously, though – why are they?)

Whether it’s the bake du pandemic you want to perfect or something a little less “trending” (we’ve always been firm fans of the humble lemon drizzle, tbh), you’ll need some good tools. Baking is an art form which will be made a whole lot easier with the right equipment.

We’ve done the leg work for you and whittled it down to best baking tools which are *genuinely* worth your money. Some will optimise the simplest of baking tasks (e.g. scraping a bowl) while others will be timely, amped-up replacements for the staples you’ve used and loved for far too long. There are also a few additions like icing piping bags which will take your cake presentation to the next level, even if they are used less frequently. And let’s not forget the John Lewis cake tins to store your cakes when they’re done.

Non-stick cake tins, a rose gold cooling rack, some exceptional icing tools and a retro-inspired electronic mixer are the ingredients for cake-baking success. Here’s everything you need to make lockdown cakes like a pro (while still keeping your kitchen counter stylish). Thank us later, cake and cuppa in hand.

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