Try This Viral, One-Minute Hack For Cleaning Your Beautyblender

Although it’s imperative to keep your beauty brushes and makeup blenders clean, we would be lying if we said we didn’t sometimes dread the task at hand–which is why when a new viral beauty hack claiming to easily clean a beautyblender surfaced on Twitter we were intrigued.

User @Jaycoko_ shared the method, which involves putting the beautyblender in a (microwave-safe!), bowl or cup of soapy water and then microwaving it for a minute…and the results are pretty remarkable. Once the cup was removed the water was brown and murky, but the blender was instantly transformed to its original pink hue in no time.

“Apparently putting your beauty blenders in the microwave cleans them,” she posted with her beauty tip, adding that she put it in the microwave for approximately one minute. Her Twitter video currently has over 3 million views and while the tip appears to be foolproof, you should exercise caution when trying this trick at home.

Many users skipped out on a crucial step–filling the cup with soapy water–and wound up frying their beautyblenders in the microwave. Unless you want a burnt blender, be sure to add soapy water before you attempt to recreate this magic microwave trick.

Not only does the microwave restore the hue and remove the buildup of makeup, but it also zaps microorganisms that might be living on your dirty sponge–it’s a total win-win for beauty buffs everywhere.

And although the quick fix went viral, microwaving sponges is actually one of the oldest tricks in the book–in fact, it’s a cleaning hack many use with kitchen sponges. It was certainly only a matter of time before someone brought the trend to the beauty space.

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