April 24, 2024

Trinny London Reviews: 11 Trinny London Bestsellers

Since launching back in 2017, Trinny London has enjoyed sell-out after sell-out aftersell-out. Take theT-Kit Brush Set, for example. It’s a genius 3-in-1makeup brushwhich racked up an impressive 15,000-person waitlist after selling out post-launch.

Elsewhere,Miracle Blursells at a rate of one pot every 23 seconds (it has sold out four times (! ) since it launched – once in 24 hours), while the cult BFF Range (BFF SPF,BFF De-Stress,BFF Eye) sells1 product every4 secondsat peak. These products didn’t come to play.

Trinny London – Trinny Woodall’s eponymous makeup line – has become a mainstay in our makeup bags since it launched back in 2017. And for good reason. You’ve probably stumbled across the brand time and time again in your quest to find the best new beauty products to add to your beauty arsenal – unless you’ve been living under a rock, that is. And it’s not hard to see why.

Now? Trinny Woodall has expanded her aforementioned BFF range with the launch of a new makeup-skincare hybrid: BFF Rebalance. It’s formulated to meet the needs of those who are after coverage but also struggle with oily, congested skin. It’s a shine-reducing tinted serum packed with good-for-skin ingredients that delivers the perfect amount of buildable, oil-controlling coverage without dialling down your glow. Lightweight yet breathable, it’s available in 14 shades for all skin tones, from Alabaster to Deep Ebony. Think: the buildable coverage of a foundation and the benefits of a serum. So. Good.

Fancy treating yourself to a few new makeup bag staples in celebration of the launch? Here’s everything you need to know about the best Trinny London products on the market.

Are Trinny London products any good?

First up: a deep dive. Why is everyone so obsessed? Are Trinny London products actually any good? It’s easy… and yes. They are. Trinny cuts out the BS. Forget ingredients you can barely pronounce and products that take serious skill to apply. She has kept things real and down-to-earth, and the result is a collection which genuinely works.

Most of the products can be smoothed on with your fingertips to deliver pro-standard results without much makeup application know-how. What’s more, Trinny decided to sell each one of her wonder products in (or with) bitesize pots that can be twisted onto others to create a customised makeup ‘stack’. You can even buy ready-made stacks, like the Smokey Eye Stack and the Starter Stack. The concept is pretty genius and will be so handy for post-lockdown travel.

What makeup does Trinny wear?

“Good old Trinny London’s BFF SPF, because the sun’s coming out and I like to put that that on before I do anything,” Trinny told us. “It’s like my brushing me teeth, I also can’t leave my house without wearing my BFF. I’m also loving anything that is a quick fix right now, something that immediately makes me feel fresh and awake, but without having to do a full face of makeup. ”

Trinny is also a huge fan of blusher. “Blusher is key,” she continued. “You can’t do a fresh spring look without blush. Blusher makes your skin and eyes pop, and gives your skin a wonderful glow. It’s an integral part of that fresh spring feeling. ” Flush Blush is our Trinny London go-to.

Which Trinny London products are best?

One of the most popular Trinny London products is the aforementioned BFF cream, which has been described as ‘magical’ by eager reviewers on the Trinny site. It basically eradicates all the confusion around whether to buy a BB, CC or DD cream by giving you the best of them all. Trinny spent a hell of a long time perfecting the formulation of this product. It has SPF30, can be worn alone or beneath foundation and vows to leave you with radiant skin.

Still not convinced? One fan said: “I am completely addicted to BFF and just ordered my 5th tube. It just glides on so smoothly, gives an instant healthy glow, and the scent is just…Ahhhh! I swear it has even improved my skin and I love knowing I have at least 30 SPF protection every day. A must-have. ”

Trinny London Reviews 11 Trinny London Bestsellers

This miracle lip product is selling 1 every 25 seconds, after racking up an impressive 13,000 person waiting list

There’s also Trinny London’s miracle lip product – Miracle Blur – which sells one pot every 23 seconds. In fact, it has sold out four times since it launched – once in 24 hours – and even racked up an 11,000 person-strong waitlist after one restock. The £26 product is infused with skin-boosting collagen and elastin, to improve the appearance of fine lines and contains Vitamin E and C to help maintain the skin’s hydration barrier. It irons out wrinkles, smooths the appearance of your lips and plumps your lips without the need for fillers. Move over, Kylie Jenner, ‘cos this little pot of wonder is worth shouting about.

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