Here Are the 10 Best Arctic Adventure Vacations

The northernmost circle of latitude in the world, the Arctic Circle, is marked by stunning natural scenery, mesmerizing light phenomena, and a downright amazing array of exotic wildlife, like polar bears, reindeer, and snowy owls.

While its Winter months might bring subzero temperatures and little to no sunlight, it also opens the door to adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding adventures that are unlike anything else on the planet.

Think slicing through the frozen tundra on a husky-pulled sled, testing your ice-climbing skills on an Icelandic glacier tour, or watching the aurora borealis dance and swirl overhead. If you’re up for an adventure (and don’t mind a little cold), these arctic experiences are sure to satiate your Winter wanderlust!

You’ll Want Every Single Handwoven Basket in Ikea’s New Sustainable Collection – See It All Here!

Wow-oh-wow, Ikea has seriously outdone themselves this time. The Swedish retailer’s upcoming February releases are everything we’ve ever asked for and more, with new launches centered around nature, a mindful lifestyle, and sustainability. Yup, we’re talking natural materials that are great for Mother Nature and human beings – a win-win! From items that bring the outdoors in like leafy rugs, woven baskets, and organic cotton duvets to even a supercool sit/stand active sitting “chair,” there are so many new products worth swooning over.

If you love nature, mindfulness, or just Ikea as a whole, you’ll want to have a gander through these innovative and unique offerings. Find all of the special pieces this collection has to offer (available in February!), ahead.

6 Trader Joe’s Knockoff Products You Need to Try and 4 You Should Skip

Part of what makes Trader Joe’s so awesome is the huge variety of affordable products. And the widely known reason that a whopping 80 percent of Trader Joe’s products are the company’s own is that TJ’s sells other brands’ products under its own name at a discounted price. Sometimes TJ’s sells the exact same product, and other times it makes its own version of a popular pantry item, such as sriracha sauce.

This policy inevitably leaves us with the questions: which knockoff products are worth buying at Trader Joe’s and which ones are better off as the original?

Thankfully, we’ve tried hundreds of Trader Joe’s products over the years and have a pretty good idea about which ones are totally worth the purchase and which ones you might want to skip in favor of a different brand.

Ahead, discover some of our picks for Trader Joe’s store-brand products versus the brands that we think might have inspired the knockoffs. Full disclosure: this information is not based on confirmation from the company – Trader Joe’s has declined comment in the past – but rather from our own taste-test investigations.

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