July 20, 2024

Traveling With A Baby for the First Time? How to Survive the Trip

Thanksgiving is the busiest time for travel and while the thought of dealing with long lines and groups of strangers can give even the most seasoned traveler pangs of anxiety, it’s only heightened when you’re traveling with your child…especially if it’s the first time you’re taking them away.

Don’t know what you need or how to prepare? Little Remedies® pediatrician Sue Hubbard, MD, offered up expert tips to help you get through your first trip. Her best piece of advice? Plan ahead.

“Traveling withyour babytakes a lot of planning and preparation,” says–especially if it’s your first trip.

Dr. Hubbard’s Travel Tips:

  • Take some time to create a standard packing list – or two, one for day trips and one for overnight stays.
  • Pack baby-proofing supplies you can take with you to help keep your baby safe on-the-go such as outlet covers, a roll of painters’ tape, doorknob covers, and sharp corner padding.
  • Upon arriving at your destination, do a scan of the room for safety concerns. Check carefully for choking dangers, which include coins, small batteries and balloons, as well as unsecured medications, sharp edges and stairs.
  • If you are flying, changes in altitude can cause discomfort because his/her ears may pop or hurt. Give them a pacifier or a bottle to suck on which can equalize the pressure in their ears. If your baby is awake while flying, offer them a bottle. I don’t recommend waking your baby as they may sleep the whole trip – it happens!
  • Hydration is necessary especially if you’re on the beach or in the mountains, so make sure your baby is drinking plenty of fluids during the trip.
  • Make sure your baby’s sensitive skin is covered, and use plenty of sunscreen. Even if temperatures are cooler, exposure to the sun can still cause sunburn. A hat and sunglasses always work well.
  • Locate any bodies of water, which are one of the greatest dangers. Monitor your baby and make sure he/she is nowhere near the water unattended.

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