May 25, 2024

Too little, too late? These Manchester United fans speak up about Mason Greenwood’s exit from the club

She described Manchester United’s decision to part ways with Greenwood as “Too little, too late” and called for the board to resign over their handling of the process. She directed GLAMOUR to one of her tweets in which she says, «There remain no circumstances whatsoever that could possibly mean he should have played again for the club.

«Still the pundits are silent.

“Still the club remains unable to state clearly and vocally that it is against domestic violence. ”

Kellie, 41, a PR Director and mother-of-three from Wakefield, is a “born and bred Man United fan. ”

While she wasn’t able to attend last week’s demonstration, she supported from afar, telling GLAMOUR, “The club should not be entertaining any form of comeback. ”

She thinks Manchester United had a “moral obligation” to stop Greenwood from returning to the club, saying, «They need to make a stand in the biggest possible way that they can that we don’t accept this. It’s not what the club stands for. ”

“There are consequences when you are role models and when you are paid such extortionate amounts of money. [The club have] got an unwritten obligation. ”

Too little too late These Manchester United fans speak up about Mason Greenwood's exit from the club

In the aftermath of Manchester United’s decision to part ways with Greenwoods, she tells GLAMOUR “There is obviously a lot about this relationship we will never know,” adding that “Manchester United] are very much pointing this out, whilst overstating Greenwoods innocence. ”

She adds, “They sound arrogant and dismissive of fans. It screams of an obvious U-Turn – and against what they apparently really think or wanted as a board – so by way of solidarity with fans/women. It does not resonate. ”

Women’s Aid also released a statement noting how the impact of the decision on survivors of domestic violence: “We know that today’s news from Manchester United that Greenwood will be moving on from the club will be a relief for many survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

“Football is loved by so many people worldwide, and players are often idolised by fans, so the way that alleged domestic abuse cases are treated in clubs has a huge impact on public understanding about what is accepted and tolerated in society. ”

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