Tomato soup with sausages

In my childhood, when mom didn’t bother with meat or chicken, it’s added in my child’s soup cut into small cubes doctoral sausage.

Tomato soup with sausage – a hearty, thick, delicious soup from vegetables on a meat broth. This soup is better to cook on a cold autumn day, from vegetables ripened in the garden under the sun, it will turn out very fragrant, with a rich taste.

Of course, the soup can be served plain, but the sausage in it so by the way, that second dish for lunch, cooking is not necessary.

Perhaps at an early age everything seems delicious, but this recipe, from childhood, loved my house, and now I when time is short, cook him his daughter.

  • Cooking time: 45 minutes
  • Number of servings: 6

Ingredients for making tomato soup with sausage:
  • 1,5 l of a meat broth;
  • 300 g doctor’s sausages;
  • 500 g of red tomatoes;
  • 150 onions;
  • 300 g courgettes;
  • 300 g of potatoes;
  • 100 g sweet bell pepper;
  • salt, sugar, vegetable oil, ground sweet paprika, and Basil.
The method of preparation of tomato soup with sausages.

Delicious homemade soup can be prepared only with home-made meat broth. Of course, if absolutely no time, and a bouillon cube will do. However, it is better to save the finished broth in the fridge or freeze – it helps in cases of emergency.

So, the broth will remove the frozen fat. Throw it is not necessary, it is useful for roasted or sauteed vegetables.

With meat broth, remove fat

In soup pot heated 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil without smell, throw chopped onion, add a little broth.

Saute onions until clear.

Parboil the onions with the addition of broth

If you just fry the onion in the oil, it can peredaetsa and turn into chips, and soup are needed caramelised onion is soft, gentle, transparent.

Karamelizuem bow

Ripe red tomatoes puree them in a blender until smooth puree, then strain the puree through a sieve directly into the pan.

Fry the onion with the tomato puree for a few minutes.

Tomatoes grind in a blender, strain the pasta through a sieve and fry onion

Zucchini clean from the skin and seeds, cut into cubes. Add the zucchini in the pan to the onions and tomatoes.

Add to the pan sliced zucchini

Potatoes wash, peel, cut into small cubes, throw into the pan after zucchini.

Add the sliced potatoes

Sweet pepper remove seeds, finely chop, add to other ingredients.

Add the peeled and chopped sweet pepper

Then add the remaining meat broth or pour the boiling water and throw it 2-3 bouillon cube.

Add the broth

Bring to a boil, cook for 30-40 minutes, until the vegetables are quite soft. At the end add salt to taste, add 1-2 teaspoons of granulated sugar and ground sweet paprika.

Ready soup grind immersion blender until smooth.

Cook the vegetables for 30-40 minutes, add seasonings. Once ready, grind the soup in a blender

Doctoral sausage cut into small round slices, throw in pan, bring again to a boil.

Boil the sliced sausage in the soup

To the table of tomato soup with sausages served hot. Before serving, sprinkle with fresh Basil, he is better than any other greens goes well with the taste of tomatoes.

Tomato soup with sausages ready. Bon appetit! Cook with pleasure!

By the way, in the winter, when fresh tomatoes from the store are not even remotely smell like tomatoes tips for tomato soup with sausages to take instead of tomatoes, tomato puree homemade.

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