July 20, 2024

To walk beautifully, you need to monitor your health and do not wiggle your hips

To make a strong first impression, a flying gait can go out not only from May, but also from the car, go down the steps or just walk down the street. The gait is individual, like the handwriting or timbre of voice, by characteristic movements it is possible with a high degree of probability to recognize a person from afar and from the back.

Is this not a reason to learn to walk beautifully? How to align the step, the correspondent of SE recognized.

A beautiful gait does not require a stencil. The main thing here is to do everything harmoniously. For example, Marilyn Monroe semenila, but did it beautifully and touchingly – defenseless, which gave her a special charm. “In the right gait, the most important thing is individuality,” says Artem Firyulin, defile teacher, model agency Olymp Models. “After all, each person has a special body structure, and this affects the gait. ”

Even a beautiful slender girl can shuffle, punch or heavy steps to trample the blissful impression that was created about her while she was sitting. Conversely, the ability to walk sexually (without twisting, of course, the “eight” hips) creates a halo of attractiveness around any figure. A beautiful gait may have a secret – the same Monroe, according to rumors, specially sawed a heel on one shoe

Gait is the totality of how you hold your head and back, how you set your foot and swing your arms. The general impression depends on each element, and there are certain rules that should be followed so that all parts of the body “sing” in unison. Let’s start with the head. Artem Firyulin advises you to keep your chin parallel to the floor, and if you need to look under your feet, you just need to lower it a little and allow your eyes to do their work.

Hands when walking play the role of a pendulum, they help maintain balance, so it would be unreasonable to try to keep them straight or in pockets. “Hands should move in time with your body, with your movements,” continues Artem. But also waving them like blades, too, is not worth it. If there are doubts, then check yourself: the trajectory of the arms ends in the visible to you from above the socks, then you should not throw it away. About socks – let them look clearly forward, at the viewer, to turn them out is not worth it.

“As for the hips, there is a gait” from the hip “, but I do not advise using it with fanaticism, leave it to professionals,” the teacher warns the defile. “I do not advise girls to imitate what they saw on Fashion TV, because sometimes the inability to move in high-heeled shoes threatens injuries. ”

Indeed, high heels add to the steps of seductiveness. It is important to be able to not just move around on them, but to walk beautifully. But this requires a skill. To stay on his heels, you have to straighten the shoulders and move the center of gravity to the waist, which gives the figure a more confident and open appearance. And sacrifices are also required: in fact, with a heel height of only 2-3 cm, the load on the toe increases by 22% in comparison with the norm. When the height of the heel reaches 6-7 cm, the toe can withstand a double load!

Foot health is the most important in the gait: “The legs are the organ of movement, any foot diseases disturb posture and gait, the slightest foot problem plays a big role in how a person moves,” explains Igor Pakhomov, orthopedic surgeon NIITO. A beautiful step length has traditionally been considered equal to the length of the foot. But Mr. Firyulin recommends not to go into the calculation: “The length of the step depends on the capabilities of the person and on the length of the legs: the longer the foot, the longer the step. I want to draw attention to the fact that growth in this case does not play a special role. The step should be confident and stable. If a person feels uncomfortable with a certain length of a step, then it is necessary to change it. ”

Choreographer Igor Moiseyev derived the formula of a correct and beautiful gait: “The body should not load its feet. Straighten your back, stretch out, and your legs will easily carry you. ”That is, it is worth keeping an eye on to make life easier for the legs. Artem Firyulin advises to recall the instructions of his parents: “The back is straight, the hands move freely when walking. At the same time, it is not necessary to draw in the tummy, because if you straighten up and take your shoulders back, your tummy will pull itself up. ”Can not straighten up?

The famous dancer Isadora Duncan advised the original, but effective way: “Imagine that you hooked on the sternum and pulled up and forward. ”Try and understand how nice it is to walk around with unfolded shoulders – even breathing easier.

All the time to control the posture will not work, but it is worthwhile to take the rule once an hour to get up to the wall and touch the back of the head, with both shoulder blades and buttocks, straightening the back exactly on the vertical. Remember the feeling and try to keep it as long as possible. And if you can not touch at the same time, then it’s urgent for the doctor – the curvature of the spine needs to be treated.

Calm, harmonious, graceful, attractive gait to work out easily – walk around the house with a heavy book on your head. Do exercises on the go: alternate four steps on the heels, four – on the toes and four ordinary. Walk on the spot without taking the socks off the floor, bending the knee of that leg, whose heel is now in the air. Constantly straighten your back. And feel confident and free. Then it will be easy and pleasant for a sweet person to recognize you, late for a date, on a walk from afar!

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