To The Friends Who Truly Love Us And Won’t Ever Let Distance Tear Us Apart

Thank you for being a part of my life as well as that I am even if that made me move miles and also miles far from you.

Thanks for revealing me what genuine love as well as support seem like.

Thanks for not quiting on our friendship, although it took you rather a long period of time to forgive me for leaving you.

Thank you for being there for me when I need you one of the most, also if you need to do it over the internet.

Thanks for setting an instance of how an actual friendship should resemble.

Thank you for enjoying me as well as for offering me something that I will certainly carry inside my heart until I die.

Thank you for not allowing range, time zones and life separate us although we only see each other 6 times in a year.

Thank you for believing in me when also I can not locate the strength to believe in myself.

Thank you for making me feel like absolutely nothing has actually changed because the last time we saw each various other. Thanks for the hottest reunions as well as the best invites.

Thank you for staying the exact same close friend you as soon as were even though our lives have changed totally, and also some of us are married with youngsters.

Thanks for constantly being straightforward with me.

Thanks for grabbing the phone also when you’re hectic.

Thanks for locating the moment to reserve a ticket and also go across the ocean to visit me.

Thank you for being my household, my partner in crime, my colleague and my faithful buddy.

Thank you for picking my busted items as well as assisting me locate an escape of my own problems when I am too weak and frightened to do it myself.

Thank you for letting me recognize that I can always trust you.

Thanks for loving me exactly the same although a great deal of time has actually passed, and also I plainly altered. Thank you for allowing me change and reassuring me that you’ll constantly be by my side, no matter where life takes me.

Thanks for whatever that you’ve done for me and for everything that you’re still doing.

Thanks for not allowing the miles between us ruin what we have.

Thank you for relying on us.

Thank you for forgiving me for everything although we both know that there were times when I was the one to blame.

Thank you for recognizing what I am experiencing as well as assisting me conquer the obstacles in my life.

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