July 18, 2024

To thank your mum for her support on your wedding day

Wedding planning, even in the best circumstances, can bring out the worst in us. From the stress of finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses to worrying about what’s planned for your hen party, it’s enough to turn even the most even keeled bride-to-be into a giant stressball.

And although your bridesmaids – and hopefully your fiancé – will be there for you, when you really need a shoulder to cry on, there’s no one like mum. Not only will she pass you the tissues, but she’ll also tell you when you’re being a brat. And for that kind of tough love and support, she most definitely deserves some recognition.

If there’s one thing we can thank Coronavirus for, it’s that we’ve all started to really appreciate the people in our lives – and is there anyone more deserving of our appreciation than our mums?

Whether the past (and current) lockdowns have kept you apart or meant you’ve spent more time together than ever before, there’s just never going to be anyone quite like your mum – from small things like talking you through how to turn on the oven when you *finally* try to cook at home to the big things like cheering you on as you land your dream job, mums are a constant in our lives. And if there’s ever a time that a woman really needs her mum by her side, it’s in the run-up to her wedding.

That’s where the mother of the bride gift comes in. If you’re planning on swapping ‘I do’s’ in the near future, it’s the perfect opportunity to gift your mum something she would never actually treat herself to, as a thank you for her standing by your side. From the sentimental to the stylish, our round up of the best mother of the bride gifts has something to cater to every taste and every budget.

Jewellery is an ideal present to your mum on your wedding day – whether she’d prefer a delicate silver and diamond bracelet or fashion forward pendant, it’s something she can not only wear on the big day itself, but for years after that. A stylish photo frame, like this resin, marbled effect one is another gift she’s sure to love – add in a photo of the two of you for extra daughter-of-the-year points.

If your mums stress levels are even higher than yours in the run up to the wedding, consider gifting her this Aromatherapy Associates gift set – with five of their de-stress products, we guarantee they’ll come in handy as the anticipation builds. Other gifts to limit her stress (as she tries to limit yours) include this all natural coconut bath soak and this luxurious silk eye mask for a good nights sleep (no dark circles allowed on the big day! )

Our carefully chosen mother of the bride gifts also includes Charlotte Tilbury’s uplifting fragrance, the most stylish linen robe (we’d love to steal for ourselves) and a Queen of My Heart tee from Bella Freud – because really, your husband-to-be needs to know who he shares your heart with.

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