April 20, 2024

To Retail or Not To Retail?

Retailing products can generate a big income to add to your treatments, whether you be self employed or running a larger beauty business. There are a few factors that can pay a big part in your success rate when retailing items.

You don’t have to be a bigger beauty business to retail products, you can be a self employed lash therapist or nail technician. See below for examples of products you could retail yourself.

There are a couple of cons to retailing products, you may buy stock that doesn’t get sold/items that could possibly go out of date. The client may also feel a little pressured into buying from you when they’re unsure, the approach to selling a product to your clientele is to not be too pushy, know what you’re talking about and make them feel confident that it will help them achieve the results they are looking for.

You could even use these ways to boost your email efforts for retailing products/treatments;

  • Send personalised discounts based on previous purchase
  • Deliver a £5 off birthday gift
  • Spotlight a product each month to showcase
  • Loyalty Cards

How we as Therapists can do our small part to make a massive change!

When Sir David Attenborough speaks, we all listen. With the recent stark warning about the global plastic pollution ‘catastrophe’ – plastic is a dirty word. Let’s do our bit to help.

2019 marks a growing trend towards people ditching the plastic and making their beauty routines zero waste. The global cosmetics and beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year, with the majority of this not recycled, this leaves a big question mark over the sustainability of the beauty industry.

In this blog, we highlight some of our favourite zero waste beauty and makeup brands which are at the forefront of the green beauty movement, using innovative methods to create high quality natural skincare, bodycare and cosmetic products which don’t cost you the earth.

We should all try and do our part to help the environment and as a therapist it is important to recognise how you can achieve this.

The Best Hair Products For People With a Deep, Unwavering Appreciation For Good Hair Days

Scientifically speaking, a “, whether that means emerging from the salon with sleek ends, , or model-off-duty texture.

Here to help you recreate that hair magic at home is this editor-backed list of the year’s that are guaranteed to give you the shine, color care, or definition of your dreams. It’s no trip to the animal shelter, but we’d like to think they’ll make you happy all the same.

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