July 23, 2024

To protect yourself from sexual infections, go to the doctor with her husband

The sad children of the goddess of love of Venus – called by her name unsightly diseases – today, as, indeed, the previous generations, marred the most delicate of all spheres of human relationships. It’s not customary to talk about it in a “decent society”, but honestly, it’s not accepted at all.

That’s why doctors are concerned about reproductive health of men and women: sexual infections and do not think to give up positions even in our age of information.

This correspondent SHE talked with obstetrician-gynecologist Natalya Latkina and dermatovenereologist Vyacheslav Bikbulatov – specialists of the center “Reproductive Health Plus”.

Is there a classification of sexually transmitted diseases, which diseases are the most dangerous?

Strictly speaking, the circle of classic diseases, called venereal diseases, is not so wide, and gonorrhea and syphilis are common in our territory. And the term used more widely is “sexually transmitted infections” (it does not matter which form of sexual relations took place: any contact of mucous membranes is fraught with transmission of sexual infection).

This list includes more than thirty diseases caused by various microorganisms, among them bacteria, viruses, various protozoa, fungi and so on. They cause diseases such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, human papillomavirus and many others, including hepatitis and HIV infection. Classify them according to the degree of danger to health is meaningless, because any of these diseases in a neglected form causes serious complications,

To protect yourself from sexual infections, go to the doctor with her husband

What are the complications?

The main consequences for both men and women are further upward diseases: rising on the genitourinary ways, the infection provokes inflammation in neighboring tissues and organs, a violation of their functions. Men usually have prostatitis, erectile dysfunction (it should be noted that today it is very often young people under 35 who face this problem, and not those who are over forty).

In women, the infection, rising higher, causes cystitis, adnexitis and other inflammatory gynecological diseases. Chronic inflammatory phenomena in the genito-urinary tract lead to the development of scarring adhesions, which in turn cause infertility in men and women. Sexual infections can cause pathology of pregnancy and childbirth in women (premature birth, miscarriage, miscarriage).

A very common “effect” of sexual infections are the problems of the musculoskeletal system, joints, eyesight, and skin lesions. The main risk factor in the occurrence of complications is neglect of the disease – it does not last long in the acute form, but eventually becomes chronic. Meanwhile, in the acute stage of the disease, they are treated faster, more economically in all senses and do not give complications.

What are the symptoms of these diseases?

Such signs as itching, burning in the genital area, unusual discharge, frequent urination, pain syndromes in the abdominal area, lumbar, inner thighs, usually cause alertness. But the danger of sexual infection is that they can be masked for other diseases or completely asymptomatic. For example, a person is constantly irritated, tired. Often it is written off for fatigue, vitamin deficiency. Or a common example for women: when itching occurs, they refer to thrush and take the advertised drug. Meanwhile, thrush is a complex phenomenon of vaginal dysbiosis and can develop against the background of other infections. Therefore self-diagnosis and similar self-treatment are unacceptable.

It turns out that a woman regularly enough to visit a gynecologist?

Only a specially trained gynecologist can diagnose this or that infection. But a visit to a dermatovenerologist is also necessary for women. In our clinic, consultations on controversial issues are often conducted in the presence of two doctors – a gynecologist and a dermatovenerologist. This is the convenience of a specialized center. This is important both for saving time, and for more accurate and qualitative diagnostics.

In addition, if an infection is detected in one partner, the second is also required to undergo treatment, if there are no symptoms, then preventive. And if women as a whole periodically visit a gynecologist, for a man, a visit to the venereologist, even with complaints, unfortunately, is often something beyond the bounds. This leads to repeated infections and complications.

If there are no complaints, and the partners are confident in each other, does this mean that you can not worry about it?

Unfortunately, this is often misleading. With hidden infections, a person may not even know what is their carrier, thereby infecting a partner. In addition, frankly speaking, today no one is immune from accidental ties. And the more can not be responsible for another, especially if the partner for a long time leaves, for example, on business trips. Often happens that he then does not even remember what, where and with whom it was, without giving it value, and the infection does not show itself in any way. Therefore, we always recommend that you test for infection annually, even if there are no complaints. This will preserve the health and ability to have healthy children in the future.

Infections are detected immediately or after a certain time?

If unprotected contact occurs, the symptoms may appear within a few days. But even if there are no symptoms, it is necessary to appear at a dermatovenerologist and to hand over analyzes. It is very important, by what methods and in what laboratory is the diagnosis carried out. In our laboratory, all modern methods of early detection of infection are used, which ultimately leads to rapid cure without complications. If the anonymity of the survey is important, then the tests can be taken at home, calling a specialist. The preservation of the reproductive function of man is our main task.

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