February 21, 2024

To prepare chicken wings Buffalo will need a sharp knife and a little imagination

There is an opinion that in Siberia everyone drinks vodka in order to keep warm. However, visitors are very surprised to see the local people’s passion for beer. Pivomanov does not bother either the frost, or bans on drinking alcohol on the streets.

But still cold beer is much more pleasant to taste in a warm atmosphere – literally this word.

And those who love the beer on the street, I suggest still go to the house and cook a standing snack. Appetizing sharp wings Buffalo worthy of this fate no less than chips or kirieshki.

In general, beer is traditionally served snacks: cold and hot, fish and meat. All of them are united by a bright sharp or salty taste, which harmoniously complements the beer bitter. They received their name from the city in the state of New York, where this dish was first cooked. Local residents do not accent on territorial belonging, but for the rest of the world, fried chicken wings, generously covered with sauce, remain the wings of Buffalo.

The sauce usually includes butter or margarine, as well as a sauce with cayenne pepper, which provides a burning scintillation.

For its short history, wings managed to build up legends. According to the first, the dish was born in 1964 in a bar called Anchor (English “anchor”). Suppliers of this bar allowed a monstrous mistake – instead of chicken breasts for sauce, spaghetti was delivered with chicken wings. At that time they were thrown away altogether or used except for cooking soups. The owner of the bar, Frank Bellissimo, turned to his wife Teresa for help, who, as a real woman, quickly found an application for them.

In the process of improvisation, the thin parts of the wings were mercilessly removed, the remaining meat pieces are roasted and filled with a spicy sauce. Adding the celery available in the farm, Teresa served a dish with the “Blue Cheese” brand sauce.

The resulting dish was an excellent snack for beer. It was so popular with customers that their number increased dramatically and the bar business went uphill. “Anyone can sell meat steak,” said Frank Bellissimo. “But if you managed to sell what nobody wants, then it says a lot. ”

The second legend again leads us to the same Anchor bar in the town of Buffalo, but it is connected, oddly, with the Christian fast. The fact is that for Catholics, Fridays of the whole year (with some exceptions) are lean days (this is due to memories of the Passion of Christ). On one of Fridays, when the bar was full of guests, and orders were very much, the landlady (still the same Teresa) decided to present them with a gift from the institution.

But respecting the religious principles of clients, waited until midnight, when Catholics could already eat meat. The wings of Buffalo guests fell in taste and became the hallmark of the establishment. But soon the recipe went to America, and according to some reports, by 1995 the wings of Buffalo were given $ 400 million. By the way, the Anchor bar exists and to this day, the descendants of the creators of the dish keep in secret the recipe of the magic sauce,

Preparing the wings

The more secrecy shrouded in the recipe, the more interesting variations invented by culinary experts and cooks. There are a huge number of variations of sauces: with honey, with soy sauce, with paprika and curry, in which the wings of Buffalo fall.

Do not be afraid to experiment – after all the dish in its classical variant too result of improvisation. Let only chicken wings and “Blue Cheese” sauce remain unchanged, although the latter can be changed beyond recognition.

Step 1. Tops and roots

First, take a sharp knife. Cut the wings along the folds into three parts – extreme, nonmuscle, we no longer need. It can be discarded or added on occasion to the broth.

Step 2. Fry, soar.

“Cropped” wings fry in large amounts of vegetable oil for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Wings Buffalo – a typical American dish, fried in large amounts of fat, and even in the sauce is added butter or margarine. In some recipes, it is recommended to roll the wings in breading before roasting. If you are for a healthy lifestyle – know that the wings can be baked in the oven until ready, after having been salted.

They will crunch not like fried, but the damage will be clearly less. If you are still not afraid of harmful cholesterol, fry the wings in boiling oil in small batches, then take them out with a noise and dry on a paper towel.

Step 3. A sharp couple

In a frying pan, melt the butter, if you are using a ready-made hot sauce, add it, warm it up and stir until a uniform mass is formed. If not, chop the garlic and pods of hot pepper, add this mixture to the oil heated in a frying pan, after a while add the chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, a little sugar. Continue cooking on low heat for another 10 minutes, remembering to stir it. Pour the sauce over the wings. A little vinegar – and you can shoot from the fire. Pour the sauce of the wings and mix.

Teresa Bellisimo, apparently, seemed a little thick thick sauce, so traditionally the wings of Buffalo are served with a dip dip.

Sauces-dip (from English dip – dipping, dipping) are cooked all over the world. They add an extra flavor to the dish, but unlike other sauces they are not added during cooking, but are used separately – they dunk the prepared dish and are sent to the mouth.

For Blue Cheese sauce, combine the sour cream with chopped cheese with mildew (for example, dor blue), add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve warm wings with the cut stalks of celery (this tradition, but you can even without them) and dip dip.

For the wings of Buffalo you will need:

12 chicken wings

  • 4 tbsp. hot tomato sauce
  • or sauce, prepared according to the following recipe:
  • 3 tsp. melted butter,
  • 4 tbsp. chopped and peeled tomatoes (you can use tomatoes in your own juice), 5 pods of red hot pepper, salt, 1 tsp. sugar, 1 tbsp. wine vinegar

For Blue

  • Cheese sauce: 125 ml of sour cream, 90 g of cheese with mold,
  • 0, 25 tsp. white pepper

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