To combat wrinkles, experts recommend drinking wine and stroking your face

It is believed that the wrinkles on the face of a woman can read all of her secrets. Women, as a rule, do not want to share their secrets with the first counter, and therefore few people are ready to sincerely rejoice in the new wrinkles, even if they tell of the good, dispersing the rays of laughter around the eyes.

Why do the big-eyed beauties get covered with wrinkles before, and the cheekbones last longer stay young, and how good manners and wine will help to postpone old age for several years, the correspondent of SHE found.

Cobwebs of years

It is believed that there are two main natural causes of the web of old age on the face: the work of muscles and dry skin. The first causes mimic wrinkles to life, the second provokes the effect of a “baked apple” – this is the so-called fine-wrinkled type of aging. In general, the appearance of wrinkles depends on the type of skin.

“Expressed, visible to the eye, wrinkles in the owners of dry skin appear already in 25 years, normal – about 30, fat – in 35 years”, – these figures are also adjusted depending on skin thickness and genetic predisposition, says Tatiana Reshetnikova, head of the Center of Medical Cosmetology NGMU. 

At different ages, different types of wrinkles appear. The first mimic – superficial wrinkles: as a result of mimic activity of muscles, wrinkling of the skin is formed. The more active your facial expression and the worse the tone of the skin, the sooner they will appear – on average at the age of about 20 years.

“It happens that young patients are so strongly expressed facial expressions that we can get mimic wrinkles and at 18 years old

Svetlana Zhukova, head of the therapeutic cosmetology department at the Golden Section Clinic, says that in this case, botulinum toxin (botox, dysport) is sometimes used to prevent wrinkles. – As a result, muscles are blocked, mimic activity decreases and the bad habit of grimacing goes away – wrinkle your nose or forehead. ”

From the age of 25, “the rays of laughter” appear near the eyes – they are deeper than mimic wrinkles and are visible even when the person does not smile. In 30-35 years, the nasolabial fold is expressed, after 40 cheeks – the so-called ptosis of the soft tissues of the lower third of the face to wrinkles does not have an attitude, but is an integral stage of aging.

Children’s Old Age and Old Womanhood

There are young girls with pronounced wrinkles and elderly ladies with more or less elastic cheeks. The reason for this injustice sometimes does not depend on you: the thickness and activity of muscles, the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, as well as the anatomy of the skeleton, determine a lot in the aging of the skin.

For example, the owners of large expressive eyes will have wrinkles around their eyes much earlier than those with small and inexpressive eyes. 

The skin around the eye’s orbit is thinner, the subcutaneous fatty tissue here is less developed, which means that the larger the eye, the more such a thin, prone to more rapid aging of the skin.

But the beautiful well-developed cheekbones considered to be beautiful will on the contrary help their owners in an unequal battle with time – they have more chances in the fight against gravitational ptosis. But often well-developed cheekbones are accompanied by a flattened Asian type of face, for which the early development of the nasolabial triangle of wrinkles is characteristic.

“Sometimes, you look at children’s photos, and there are already visible nasolabial folds, which with age only worsen,” – Svetlana Zhukova explains that when looking at the structure of a person’s face, one can predict what type of aging will occur and conduct timely prevention under the supervision of a doctor dermatocosmetologist.

Means for struggle

The most common means of care in wrestling women against wrinkles are anti-aging creams and serums. However, cosmetologists say that whatever they say in advertising, no creams are able to fight wrinkles.

“We can not remove wrinkles with cream or serum, only to maintain the condition at a certain stage,” relentlessly cuts the truth of the uterus, Elena Karavaeva, dermatocosmetologist at the center of medical cosmetology ReVital, – you can remove wrinkles only with the help of injections, peeling, contour plasty or fractional mesotherapy. ” 

Serums, as a rule, have in their composition phytohormones of plant origin, which help the skin to recover. They have been used since the age of 35, however, according to Karavaeva, if the skin has already lost its ability to self-repair as early as 20, it is possible to start giving such help earlier. According to the type of injections, wrinkle-filling creams are supposedly acting. However, even here beauticians are in a hurry to disappoint: it is only a means of leaving and nothing is filled up, like injections, it is not able to.

“These creams can not reach the depth to which injections penetrate. They are based on the irritating effect of the component, for example red pepper, and temporarily smooth wrinkles by provoking dermal edema, “Ms. Karavaeva says that these creams act like glistens that increase the volume of the lips due to irritating effects. If the general condition of the skin is good, swelling lasts for several hours, maximum – one day. However, if the skin is prone to allergies, the use of such a filler can lead to more serious consequences.

Massage and wine

Absolutely safe and effective in the presence of patience, the method of preventing the appearance of wrinkles is gymnastics and self-massage of the face. You can learn from an experienced cosmetologist, and with a daily performance it gives a good effect, experts say. Some advise to replace the massage with hardware techniques: electrostimulation and myostimulation. Lazy is more convenient, but do not forget that these procedures have a number of contraindications, including benign changes like mastopathy.

It should be remembered that smoking and alcohol, fatty foods and coffee, a solarium and temperature changes can negate all gymnastics and creams, and natural products containing vitamins A, E, D, as well as antioxidants, contribute to a longer preservation of the regenerative properties of the skin. Do not forget about vitamin complexes for skin and red wine. 

“Alcohol in small doses is useful for the skin – it prevents atherosclerosis and aging. Two glasses of red dry wine a day are necessary antioxidant skin, “advises Tatiana Reshetnikova, confirming that each rule has an exception. After all, even among women who want to get rid of wrinkles, there are exceptions.

“Each of my wrinkles is a mark of some step of fate. It does not spoil my former beauty, but on the contrary, makes me not just more beautiful, but also wiser. And I will not sacrifice any of them in the name of plastic surgery, “- said the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot.

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