Joe Jonas’s Audition Advice For Sophie Turner Does Not Come Cheap

“I get so nervous before going into auditions, I almost always f*ck it up,” the actor revealed in a video for Vogue alongside Jessica Chastain. I mean, we highly doubt that she does f*ck it up, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t taken advice from others on how to combat her nerves.

Looking at Sophie Turner, who played badass Sansa Stalk in Game of Thrones and, more recently, Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix, you’d think auditions would be second nature to her now. Apparently, that’s not the case.

She said that her fiancé, now husband, Joe Jonas had an interesting nerve-fighting tip for her. He told Sophie to “always put a hundred dollar note in your pocket when you walk into a room because then you feel like, ‘Bet you don’t have $100 in your pocket.'”

I guess that’s one way to feel like a boss and cure preaudition jitters.

It wasn’t just Joe dishing out the advice for Sophie, either. Chastain also gave her some pretty solid advice: “Do you have your pages in your hands when you’re auditioning? You should. It will give you security. If you have your pages in your hand, they’re going to think that you’re workable.”

Watch the full video to find out what film Sophie wants to make in the future and also what Jessica’s most embarrassing moment ever was on set.

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