April 20, 2024

Tiny Ear Tattoos Are Trending And They’re So Tempting

Unlike the traditional ear tattoos that may come to mind, these are not drawn on behind the ear. They are done on the actual ear itself, whether it be on the earlobe or antihelix.

While the idea of it sounds somewhat cringe-worthy, most people who have gotten an ear tattoo say the pain isn’t as bad as you would think. Though, it is worth noting that you have to take extra precautions while the tattoo is still healing or you risk infection.

Tattoos are generally a big decision because they’re on your body forever. But thanks to the minimalist tattoo trend, there’s no shortage of ideas for subtle, tiny tattoos. For example, ear tattoos are currently trending on Instagram, and they might just be the cutest (and most creative) ink jobs we’ve seen. A few celebrities, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne, were early adopters of the trend, but it has now gone mainstream and it’s easy to see why.

You might also think that because the ear is such a small area there are not a ton of options for tattoo art, but the designs out there are totally proving that to be false. Still, tattoo artists advise keeping the art minimal – think little lines, dainty flowers, and constellations. “I only want to do very minimal, mostly abstract work in the ears,” Vancouver-based tattoo artist Isaac Jeffs, told the NY Post, adding that he turns down a lot of potential clients because of endangering ideas.

All ears? Have a scroll through some of the gorgeous designs that range from barely-there to bold and colorful.

This leaf art wrapping the ear like a cuff is so cool and delicate.

Leaf prints in general are a huge trend right now.

Another intricate design we can’t look away from.

This hand-drawn design is perfect for minimalists – striking but still subtle.

The detail in these floral designs is stunning.

But the simplicity of this free-handed flower is also worthy of mention.

This delicate design would look amazing around a piercing.

See, told you!

Still, a tattoo behind the ear is always a great option. Plus, you can hide it, should you need to.

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