June 19, 2024

This woman’s mugshot is going viral for being so damn glamorous

Remember when Jeremy Meeks went viral for being the ‘hot felon’, and everyone lost their damn minds?

Now out of prison, he’s pursuing a modelling career and it’s safe to say, he’s living the high life.

The strange turn of fate worked out pretty well for Jezza, but could Marshala Perkin be following in his footsteps?

The self-taught makeup artist’s mugshot recently went viral, because people were DESPERATE for a makeup tutorial.

The Twitter account Mugshot Baes posted the photo, and a few months later, it gained hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets. Just look at this glam…

Buzzfeed reached out to Marshala and she explained what went down. She was parked in a handicap spot, but she had a badge as her mother is handicapped and she often drives her around.

“One officer asked me for my handicap sticker because I was in a handicap spot. I gave it to him and he brought it back, said everything was clear. ”

Suddenly the police officer reportedly said that he smelled weed, and asked her to get out of the car so he could search it. He found two grams of weed, which Marshala claimed she’d planned to smoke with her friends.

She was booked, and so the mugshot was born. At first, Marshala explained that she felt embarrassed, but later felt pleased that everyone was so impressed by her makeup skills – after all, that’s her craft. Ah, we love a happy ending.

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