May 29, 2024

This woman’s candid photo that challenges ‘toxic beauty standards’ is going viral

The Californian native has been making waves online recently thanks to her inspiring real-life photos, self-love mantras and environmental activism on her sunshine-sprinkled Instagram.

Body-positive model, feminist podcaster, kickass activist: If you haven’t yet heard of Ali Tate Cutler, that’s all about to change.

If Tate looks slightly familiar, you might well recognise her from her amazing body-positive modelling campaigns for the likes of Mango, Ralph Lauren, and J Crew, or, most recently, Anthropologie’s campaign for their first-ever plus-size collection, APlus, where she dances through Mexico City in Late To The Party, a short film released by the brand commemorating the launch.

Along with breaking boundaries in the fashion industry, Ali is a certified yoga teacher, and has created an eco-lifestyle page, Conscious Child, to raise environmental awareness.

It’s the conversation Ali has cultivated around unrealistic beauty norms that’s captured our attention recently though, especially as we look to advance the conversation around female empowerment and celebrate women every damn day.

Feeling anxious or doubting yourself? One glance at Ali’s social channels is the pick-me-up you need to instil a newfound sense of confidence.

Her Instagram feed is filled with body-positive photos alongside frank, funny and refreshingly relatable chats on body image, which she shares with her followers in a bid to help people “fully embrace who they are by letting go issues that have been around for them from the past. ”

Case in point: a candid picture Ali shared recently, sans clothes, looking totally comfortable in her own skin.

“I just got caught up looking at celebrities on Instagram and felt so shit about myself after, everyone is really starting to look the same,” she wrote. “So here is an image to break away from that, hope you feel better about your selves if you are stuck in toxic imagery land”.

Can we get an ‘Amen’ up in here?

As well as lifting the lid on the realities of being a model, Ali also has a podcast on iTunes called ‘The Love You Give’ where she interviews inspiring people at the top of their fields in health and wellness.

As far as we’re concerned, any woman breaking down impossible beauty standards and creating a more inclusive world for us all is cause for celebration. So if you do one thing for yourself today, head over to Instagram, hit follow, and start practising the self-love you deserve.

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