This woman totally cured her acne with, a four-step skincare routine that cost just £20

Treating acne is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. While some people swear by the latest pimple-busting acne creams, others turn to natural Chinese remedies or simply conceal their skin with miracle foundations.

If you’ve tried a plethora of lotions and potions and still can’t cure your skin concerns, this woman’s 4-step routine may prove helpful.

This woman totally cured her acne with, a four-step skincare routine that cost just £20Teenager, Karina Banuelos from California, took to Twitter to share her simple skincare routine, which quickly went viral across the web.

The best news? The four-step regime won’t break the bank, setting you back just £20.

Step 1:

According to Fabulous, Karina’s first step to clear skin is witch hazel. Before washing her face, she douses a cotton ball in £7.12 Thayer’s Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula, explaining it gets all the “dirty deep in her pores”.

Step 2:

Then, she washes her face with £6.99 Dr. Bronner’s peppermint pure-castile liquid soap. Karina opens her pores by splashing her face with hot water before using a spin brush (much like a Clarisonic) on her face and rinsing once more with cold water.

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Step 3:

Her third step involves patting her face dry, re-applying the witch hazel and then moisturising with Neutrogena’s oil-free moisturizer for combination skin, £16.70.

Step 4:

Her final step is all-natural and totally cost-free. Karina slathers her skin in homegrown aloe vera, which she sleeps in. Explaining her acne cure, she said: “Aloe vera is basically used for everything and it helps your acne, it helps the redness around your acne, it helps with scarring.”

Karina claims she hasn’t had a breakout since she started following this regime six months ago, adding: “I also have combination skin and I saw results in my face in 2-3 months. you have to be consistent or you’ll never see results.

“It’s a simple routine it takes 10 minutes for me to finish.

“Also don’t be afraid if you break out more while using it, it gets worse before it gets better bc [because] it takes out everything in your face then gets rid of it.”

If you’re at a loss with how to treat your acne, it’s worth giving her routine a go. You can also read about our guide to concealing acne scars and read about our favourite acne-busting products below…

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