This woman is dominating the internet comment game

Most comment sections on the internet are complete shitholes filled with keyboard warriors trying to one-up faceless strangers with political opinions. Here at theCHIVE, our commenters also try top one-up each other – but with how hilarious they can make a caption.

There’s no better example of that hilarity than the comments from longtime Chiver 1958 Plymouth Fury. Over the years, she’s racked up over 50,000 upvotes from just 15,368 comments, which is a damn impressive comment-to-upvote ratio. Everything she’s putting down is well-liked.

So if you’re a fan of funny stuff, be sure to follow 1958 Plymouth Fury on Disqus. And if you’re sick of the garbage found in most comments sections but are looking for a place to exercise your funny bone or just spread positivity in general, then check out our comments for yourself.

3 thoughts on “This woman is dominating the internet comment game

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