This will be banned at the Love Island villa after so many viewer complaints

Arguably the greatest thing to grace reality TV, like, ever, Love Island will return to our screens in less than a month – and we’re racing to our TVs quicker than Caroline Flack on her way to boot an islander out of the villa.

Details of the upcoming show are slowly starting to leak and we’re living for them.

While we don’t know which lucky islanders will be grafting, sticking it on each other and getting mugged off in summer 2018, we’ve got some essential details that every Love Island aficionado needs to know – including the new beauty accessory the islanders will all be wearing, and the trailer, which recently dropped on social media.

Let’s crack on…

The trailer

The lol-worthy trailer is full of references to last year’s iconic catchphrases, including ‘muggy’, ‘little bit leave it’ and ‘pied off’.

It’s got us (and the entire Twittersphere) feeling super excited for the next series to drop.

When does Love Island start?

Although there is no official date from ITV2 as of yet, Caroline Flack has hinted that the show starts on the 4th of June. This was the start date of 2017’s Love Island and she tweeted “two months” on the 2nd of April 2018, making it only seven weeks to go.

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The new smoking rule

According to The Sun, smoking in the villa and the garden area will be banned this year. Instead, the islanders will have to ask a producer if they can have a cigarette and be taken to a private hut – alone.

A TV source said: “Last year there were more viewer complaints about the amount of smoking than anything else.

“It did feel like someone had a fag in their hand constantly last series, so hopefully viewers will notice the difference.”

We’ll certainly miss all of the gossip sessions they usually indulge in at the smoking area.

The cast so far

We haven’t had any insights into which lads and lasses might be joining the line-up but you may not see any familiar faces this year, unlike Essex’s Georgia Harrison in 2017, as the producers at Love Island want to ensure the contestants are on the show purely to find love and not fame.

Despite rumours circulating that Love Island might feature gay or bi-sexual individuals in the villa, it’s not likely that it will happen for 2018. The shows’ executive producer has mentioned he may create an entirely new show which features gay couples but introducing this concept into the original show “complicates the format”.

We’re heading back to sunny Mallorca

Following the same format of most reality TV “fly on the wall” shows, it is likely that the villa located in Mallorca will be refurbished and re-used for 2018’s contestants, which also hints at the return of Casa Amor (the rival villa that was introduced last year).

The closing date for applications is now July 14th, super far into the live series itself, so there’s still time for you to join this year’s batch of islanders, hurry hurry!

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It’s going to be an even longer series (hallelujah!)

Due to the massive influx of the public applying to become contestants as a result of the show’s success last year, not to mention the show’s insane popularity, producers have decided to extend Love Island from seven weeks to eight.

The new rules

Despite having camera’s watching them 24/7 in their time in the villa, this year’s contestants are being watched even closer with new rules and regulations forbidding them from appearing completely nude or engaging in ‘bed hopping’, which some of the islanders were infamous for last season.

Anyone else counting down the days?

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