May 30, 2024

This TikToker’s genius 3-step split end tutorial is going viral

The clip shows Stefanie separating her hair, brushing through the strands, then taking one section and twisting it tightly.

“So you can see your split ends come out,” the video caption reads, as Stefanie reveals the flyaway strands poking out of the twist.

If there’s one good thing lockdown has given us, it’s genius beauty hacks via video sharing app TikTok. Beauty insiders, makeup artists and savvy influencers have been joining the platform in droves since lockdown started (March 2020 was the platform’s biggest month, with 745k UK downloads) and sharing their best-kept beauty secrets.

First there was sock curls, then spaghetti nail extensions, and now one TikTok user has offered up a quick technique for trimming split ends at home.

London-based TikToker @stef_fit (real name Stefanie Williams) explained how split ends can be trimmed for instantly healthier-looking hair, saying: “Stop split ends means hair won’t break off so easily, trick my mum told me ? Curly hair straighten it first ❤️ #hairtut #chopshop #fyp”

She then carefully runs the scissors along the twist to remove the flyaway strands, warning: “Don’t go too close to the twist. ” Stefanie then advises viewers to repeat all over and do every three weeks.

The clip has quickly gone viral on the platform, with over 181k likes and almost 1000 comments with users applauding the hair hack. “I did this and got instant results! The end of my hair looks so healthy,” read one comment. “Omg I started doing this and trimming the bottom and my hair grew so much like A LOT,” says another.

Some commenters have warned against trying Stefanie’s DIY trim though. “Twisting your hair like that is just going to create more split ends,” said one user, while another claimed that trying the technique had actually created more split ends: “I did it and now I have loads of whispy hairs that fly around everywhere. I would not recommend but I probs did it wrong lol. ”

We love learning new, innovative beauty hacks, but when it comes to your hair, we recommend sticking to our expert-approved guide to split ends…

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