May 24, 2024

This TikTok Video Mocking The Absolute Horror Of Smear Tests Is Going Viral

While we all know the importance of going for a regular smear test (aka cervical screening) — that’s every three years for those aged 25 to 49 and every five after that —  and the fact it literally takes SECONDS and is never as bad as we think (I was dreading my first one after having a baby and was in and out of the nurses office in exactly four minutes) but there is still the fear about it. Like the dentist, not many of us leap at the idea even though we know we need to go.

Well, of course, there’s a viral TikTok sketch about going for one and everyone is saying how hilariously accurate it is.

TikToker and comedian Laura Ramoso recently posted the video and it’s already gathered over 2. 4m views. It’s called ‘Why does she hate me and/or her job’. The video opens with a somewhat frazzled, inpatient doctor fiercely tapping away at a keyboard under the caption: “Your gynecologist doesn’t care if you live or die. ”

She barks “First date of your last menstrual cycle? Quickly, quickly, tell me quickly, you must remember, you cannot look at any apps. ”

She then abruptly asks: “Have you or could you be pregnant? Have you or could you have BEEN? ? ? ”

Laura then rolls up her sleeves to get started on the internal examination, telling her pretend patient, “You’re going to have to scoot up, you’re going to have to scoot up! ”

Clearly the patient didn’t move enough so she shouts: “You’re going to have to scoot upupupppup! Up! Up! More more! ! Woah! That’s enough! ”

The comedian then echoes the words many of us come to dread in a real-life scenario. “You’re just going to feel some light pressure, OK? Take a deep bre-”

At which point she takes a bunch of metal kitchen utensils and a bottle opener, rattling them around like a speculum.

She then disappears out of the room. “Sorry, I just had to take lunch. ”

When she proceeds, she tells her patient: “Now I’m going to do your pap, you’re just gonna feel some light scrapi-” To which she viciously scrapes all her metal objects about.

The doctor then mutters to herself, “I hate my job” before scribbling out a prescription and telling her patient “Alright if your problems persist, don’t call. ”

Among the 3,000 plus comments, “The wine opener 😭😭😭😭” had over 10. 5k likes while another said, “they are the most feral and unhinged breeds i swear. ”

One viewer wrote: “No but literally? ? My last visit went EXACTLY like this and every time I tried to ask a question it was “BOOK ANOTHER APPOINTMENT” whyyy”

Another said: “Nailed it. “Light pressure” is a lie. The scooting that is never far enough. The scraping. SCRAPING! ”

Of course, IRL things aren’t ever that bad (this is for comedy value, after all). So whatever you do, don’t miss your next smear — but do scoot up!

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