July 15, 2024

This Tech-Driven Smart Water Bottle Held Me Accountable For My Hydration Habits

If there is one thing I’ve heard constantly from practically everyone in my life, it’s that I need to drink more water. Even before I can finish complaining about a headache, feeling tired, my congested skin, feeling bloated, or even a hangover, friends and family interrupt with, “You should drink some water. ”

Those words are ingrained into my brain like the infamous iPhone alarm sound. I’ve even had a date tell me to drink more water! I knew that my hydration habits had to change, it was a self-care practice I was neglecting for too long, but I needed some extra help.

I have stacks of stylish water bottles, all filled to the brim. I tried habit-tracking apps that remind you throughout the day. Nothing really helped since I was never held accountable to reach and complete my hydration goals for the day.

Once I heard about the innovative and tech-driven Hidrate Spark Steel smart water bottle, I was intrigued and needed to put it to the test. The water bottle and the accompanying app worked together to keep me accountable for my hydration goals and habits.

The Hidrate Spark Steel does more than send reminders to your phone. It keeps track of your water intake pretty accurately. The tech behind the Hidrate Spark Steel is a Bluetooth-enabled LED sensor puck that attaches to the bottom of the bottle and sends information to the app.

The puck has two main purposes: glow to remind you to drink water and track your water intake. Within a week, I completely changed how frequently I drink water throughout the day. Keep reading to see how the smart water bottle works and how it kept me accountable for staying hydrated.

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