This Superaffordable Furniture Set (From Target) Totally Transformed My Ugly Living Room

I wouldn’t say that I hate my living room, but I really dislike it. I am fortunate enough to live in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco, but along with saving money comes certain sacrifices.

My place has not been updated since at least the very early 2000s and it’s covered in dirt-brown carpets and light brown walls (why?). After my roommates moved out, I was left with an empty, old-looking space I had no idea what to do with. Luckily, I inherited Crate and Barrel couches from a friend, which are amazing but also brown.

In an effort to spruce up and brighten my space, I decided to purchase this stylish Project 62 Loring 5 Shelf Ladder Bookcase ($100) and Project 62 Loring Console Table ($130) from Target.

After seeing the pieces while walking through the home section at Target, I couldn’t get them out of my head. I strolled down the aisle several more times on my annual money-wasting trip before I deciding to finally take the plunge. I loved that they were a matching set. The light oak wood with a vintage finish was the perfect accent to brighten up my room and the black iron edging matched my black kitchen table and chairs, pulling the whole room together.

I set up the bookshelf with all my favorite fashion magazines and pretty candles, adding a touch of decor and organization to the room. I decided to use the console as an entryway table in my hall leading into the living room. Never again will my kitchen counter be cluttered with mail and lost keys. Now everything has a place and stays organized. The best part: the quality. I was shocked at the sturdiness and style of these pieces considering I didn’t have to break the bank for them. Every time I have guests over, they ask me where those pieces are from and are shocked when I tell them the price.

Improve your living space and try them for yourself!

Project 62 Loring 5 Shelf Ladder Bookcase

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