This solicitor quit her job to fly into Love Island as a bombshell contestant

Love Island is officially underway as the cast of 2018 descend upon the villa ready to embark upon the summer of a lifetime.

We saw the likes of Samira, Laura, Kendall, Dani and Hayley touch-down in the luxe villa and couple up with the men of their choice.

But Love Island wouldn’t be Love Island without a spanner in the works, would it now?

Meet Rosie Williams, 26, a Solicitor from Glamorgan, South Wales, and the newest addition to the Love Island 2018 cast.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Welsh lawyer…

I feel like I’m quite unpredictable, you never quite know what I’m going to do next. I was in law school for eight years and then became a solicitor, but I’m definitely not your typical solicitor. I don’t dress like one or act like one. I don’t feel like you should change yourself to fit a stereotype. I’m like Legally Blonde…only Legally Brunette. I think my colleagues would be shocked at first seeing me on this, but a lot of them say I wasn’t made to be behind a desk all day.

It looks like Legally Blonde 3 could actually be in the works

Rosie on her dream man

I want someone who makes me laugh. I don’t like a boring guy who takes life too seriously. I like to experience all life has to offer, so I want someone that I can do that with. And then your typical nice body and nice eyes! They need to make me laugh and maintain eye contact. I don’t like people to be distracted. I like them to be interested in me. I hate awkward silences, and bad manners, like burping. I like a gentleman but with a bit of banter.

Rosie on her best traits

I’m spontaneous and adventurous, and, as I said, unpredictable. Everyone comments on my smile. I always smile; I don’t like to be miserable. I’m quite feisty. I’m a bit like a bottle of champagne, that’s what my mum says. She says that you can shake and shake and shake me but one day my top will come off and I’ll explode. And no one likes spilled champagne! When I see red I’m quite unpredictable.

Rosie on her biggest claim to fame

One of my ex’s was on Ibiza Weekender and Ex on the Beach. I’m excited more than I am worried. I understand that maybe not everyone will like me, but I am looking forward to it.

Love Island 2018: All the details you need to know

After a first look at the official merchandise and the new love island cast of 2018, the time is FINALLY upon us. That’s right, people, it’s time to wave goodbye to your social life for eight weeks because Love Island 2018 is officially here – but it’s not too late to apply for Love Island 2018 so act fast!

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