This season will be popular short hairstyle and light hair color

Everything has changed. In the fall, fashion, which was created before the crisis, was not shy in the means for expressing individuality, originality, not embarrassed by luxury, kitsch, gold and snake skin. 

This spring, the chic and shine slowed down, placing emphasis on restraint, without radical shocks of the collection of clothes balanced with bright make-up and complex weaving of hair.Fashion includes hairstyles, and not just overgrown hair

Spit, and not loose on the shoulders strands; geometry, strong curls and blond. It’s fashionable to be a blonde, as confirmed by the correspondent of SE.

“The fashion in the hairstyles is intensively moving forward – the colors change, the priorities in the form change,” says Yevgeny Ivanov, the stylist of the image of the Lab “Person Lab.” Restraint in clothes provoked the leading stylists, working on world fashion shows, to put experiments on the hair of models.

Fashion houses have become a reference point not only in the silhouettes of dresses, but also in the forms of hairstyles. For example, a short graphic bean from the advertising of Chanel’s house, according to Evgeny, has become one of the leading trends of the season.

Boy Bob

In general, the bean, like other hairstyles based on the square, is loved and popular. “All variants of quads are topical – short, long, straight, curly, with a bang and without, – the stylist Maria Lipatnikova shares her impressions of the trip to Paris. “But in general, there is a tendency to decrease in length, the hair becomes shorter.” Many star ladies, about whose tastes argue, but at the same time they are still oriented, such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, cut their hair “under the boy” and feel great.

You can cut your hair short, but you need to remember that such a haircut opens your face very much – and wide cheekbones, a heavy chin or a longish nose can surface. But a short haircut visually enlarges the eyes and makes the face younger, thanks to these advantages it does not go out of fashion.

Broken lock

Owners of long hair do not necessarily have to cut them – fashion takes into account these features. The bunch that was popular last season did not disappear, but it was slightly transformed, having acquired geometric forms: “From long hair with the help of a diffuser, curling iron, structuring tools, complex designs are created – trapezoids, squares, rarely circles – angles and chopped lines predominate in hairdos,” reports stylist Evgeny Ivanov. However, chopping does not exclude curls and curls – curly hair is well formed in geometric bundles, with the help of curls it is easier to create an easy effect of negligence.

With curls in general, everything is in order, according to Mary Lipatnikova, curls vyut, and not just in the waves, but in steep curls:

“I think in the near future, the popular in the 80’s chemical perm, will enter the fashion, – the stylist predicts. “At least the customers are already interested in this opportunity.” 

Focus on the bang

A little more about geometry, only for short hair. Returning to the compact car, demonstrated by the fashion house Chanel and Fendi, we can see that the strong accent in these hairstyles is put on a thick, shorn, as if on a ruler, starting from the nape of the bangs. The same effect – under the ruler – is noticeable not only on the bangs, but also on the entire length of the hair, now the lacerated lines gave way to a flat one – all the hair is cut along the same length: “Actual clear lines: if earlier all facilitated – now prefer to leave tight ends” , – says Maria Lipatnikova.

In addition to jokes

Hair cuts on the same line, as well as coloring in one color – popular is the uniformity. In addition, no jokes and anecdotes will not change the universal secular trend:

“Blondes are again dominantly in fashion, and this is a universally recognized fact,” says Evgeny Ivanov. “To achieve a fashionable color, pure, transparent colors are used, the main ones being light shades of metal and wet asphalt.”

Do not go out of fashion red juicy colors, but not red, but more natural, golden. The brightness of colors in this season is usually emphasized with catchy make-up.

Where does all this go? “Popular now, the short nape will gradually be replaced by the elements of the cap,” the stylist “Persons Lab” predicts. “But not those that remained in the 80’s, but more modern, light.” Economic shocks can cause women to continue cutting their hair shorter and shorter – it is known that in times of depression and wars, skirts and hairstyles creep up. People are less interested in “made”, tightly fixed piles – women are expected of naturalness and mobility. And even the glorified geometry of this season is such that the head with this square can be shaken and twisted – a slight mess will give the hairstyle a little more charm.

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