March 4, 2024

This razor brand has become the first in the world to broadcast real body hair in its advert

The British shaving company for women has become the first razor brand in the world to broadcast real leg shaving in a television advert. How has this only just happened? !

Whether it’s H&M using unairbrushed models in its campaigns or Primark featuring an amputee, advertising is getting a lot more real and we are seriously here for it.

And now, in a television first, an advert for shaving brand, Friction Free Shaving, showcases a woman shaving visible stubble on her legs and underarms.

During the 30-second film, a woman is seen removing her leg and underarm stubble, with the brand saying it included the body hair in a “deliberate move to depict women’s shaving more realistically, and to move away from traditional commercials where women shave hairless legs. ”

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A spokesperson for the brand said: “Women shave stubbly not smooth legs and yet until now it’s been taboo to showcase this fact in a TV ad – instead we’re used to seeing women pretending to shave already smooth skin. We wanted to call time on this old-fashioned approach and to portray women’s shaving in a more honest and modern way, while having a bit of fun at the same time. ”

Last summer, Friction Free Shaving’s digital video campaign, Shaving Yoga or ‘Shoga’, which aimed to highlight how physical women’s shaving can be, was controversially banned by Facebook for ‘implying nudity’. The ban led fans to criticise the social media giant, saying that the advert was simply and tastefully portraying female shaving, which is typically carried out in the bathroom and naked.

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We’re super glad to see brands aiming to depict a much more realistic view of our bodies and we hope to see much more of it.

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