May 29, 2024

This new skincare brand is a mash-up of Glossier

It was only a matter of time, then, before the beauty Mecca unveiled its own range of products. Enter,Skincare by Beauty Bay: a flexible and purse-friendly skincare range designed for real skin.

Veteran beauty sleuths will already know that Beauty Bay is the ultimate destination for the beauty obsessed.

From the latest K-Beauty buys to the very best in French pharmacy skincare, the website boasts have over 7,000 products with new launches every week driven by customer demand.

The packaging and marketing of the brand is reminiscent of Glossier, whilst the non bullsh** approach to skincare reminds us of The Ordinary (with price points to match).

Inspired, developed and tested by the brand’s team of chemists and skincare obsessives, the new range is designed to suit the lifestyle, needs, and routines of everyday men and women.

“We knew that we wanted to develop easy to understand formulations that offer targeted solutions to match our customers’ needs, wants and personal routines. A key priority for us was to develop bespoke formulations that are specifically designed around the key active ingredients, which are used across the range at effective levels,” said one of the Cosmetic Scientists behind the brand, which lands online on January 30.

There’s a jelly cleanser for £6. 50, hardworking treatments like a clay mask for breakouts, £7. 50, and an acid toner for £6. 75, serums and blemish patches.

Here’s what we love about this brand and why we predict major things for it…

  • Ummm… that packaging is the most shelfie-friendly we’ve seen since Glossier.
  • The experts have balanced the high performance actives with soothing and moisturising ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • They’ve also chosen lightweight, non-comedogenic oils that won’t clog pores, which is a game-changer for anyone who suffers with acne.
  • The range focusses on key ingredients that can be mixed and matched to create custom solutions for specific needs, from acne and dryness to ageing skin, making it ideal for literally everyone.
  • It’s vegan and cruelty-free. Tick, tick!
  • The products are packed with prebiotics, which feeds the “good” bacteria which supports the skin’s barrier to balance and protect against harmful bacteria.
  • The range is also jam-packed with skincare’s hero ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture to skin, draws it in, and prevents it from escaping. Hello, juicy skin.
  • There’s a gentle blend of AHAs: the chemical exfoliants which dissolve the upper layer of dead skin cells to brighten and decongest skin.

The range will drop on January 30th so we’ll keep you updated with all the brand news and our product reviews.

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