This natural curl cream is so loved by the curly community that it sells two every 30 seconds

Olew was launched by Elinor Davies-Farn – who ditched the straighteners in 2012 after years of battling against her natural curls under pressure to conform – after she couldn’t find natural curl products that worked effectively and without chemicals.

So, with just £100, Elinor set up Olew (Welsh for ‘oil’) from her kitchen sink in Leyton, east London, with a mission to enhance and define curls using only natural ingredients that wouldn’t be detrimental to curl health.

This year has seen a rise in women embracing their natural hair in a proud, unapologetic way. As Yara Shahidi said at the start of the year: “We (My hair and I) are taking up more space as we enter 2020”.

In turn, brands that offer hard-working, natural products for curly hair types have seen a boost in popularity. But none have gathered a cult following as quickly as Olew, who saw their orders triple during lockdown.

Fast forward to now, and Olew’s ‘Curl Cream’ sells two every 30 seconds, with a 120% increase in September alone.

Why? The ‘Curl Cream’ uses a moisture-rich blend of jojoba, aloe and avocado to deeply nourish curly hair textures while smoothing out frizz, protecting against damage and defining the natural curl pattern. It’s a 100% natural, vegan dose of moisture, body and shine. There’s no greasy residue, hair isn’t left ‘heavy’ or flattened and it has detangling and anti-static properties, too.

Basically, it’s a miracle cream for the curly community.

Unsurprising then that the product has amassed only five-star reviews on Olew’s website, with glowing recommendations such as: ‘Love this curl cream, it’s the best for defining my curls and taming the frizz! I’ve noticed my hair feels much healthier after using this and I have been leaving my hair in its natural curly state a lot more’.

Customers are also praising the brand’s eco credentials, with one commenting: ‘This product really does help to help my previously limp, wavy hair to become more bouncy and curly. I love the natural fragrance and ingredients.

Also I can reuse or recycle the glass jar once I’ve finished, so it impacts less on the environment than plastic packaging. I can highly recommend curl cream’.

The Olew Curl Cream is available on olew.cymru for £14.50.

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