April 24, 2024

This Muji Tokyo Hotel is a Minimalist Traveler’s Dream

Minimalist Japanese lifestyle brand Muji is opening a brand new hotel in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood this month, and it’s sure to appeal to Muji-loving travelers.


The popular Japanese lifestyle brand built an affordable spot to chill at when you’re not partaking in Tokyo’s best sushi, sake, ramen and shopping.

The hotel is located on top of the Muji flagship store and has 79 rooms ranging from smaller 155 square foot rooms that go for $135 a night, mid-range rooms of about 260 square feet for $271 per night, and 560 square-foot rooms that cost $507 a night which are positively palatial by Tokyo standards.


The rooms also have nine different layouts titled Type A to Type I, with compact twin or bunk beds in some rooms and more spacious layouts that have sitting areas and reading nooks in others.


Hardwood floors and muted neutral colors create a warm and inviting vibe, and each room is completely decked out in Muji’s signature minimalist products from the furniture to the toothpaste, as well as with recycled materials like old paving stones from Tokyo’s trolley system.


Guests can also rent items like an iron, scale, nail clippers, and adapters for their stay – all of which can be bought from the Muji store right downstairs.


«With the mattresses in beds featuring design informed by sleep and posture research, bath towels that are gentle to the touch and lighting designed to guide guests into natural slumber, these are spaces set up to offer exceptional relaxation,» the website reads.


The hotel and flagship store form the Muji complex that also includes two art galleries, a diner, an event space, library, and a salon that serves coffee and drinks.


Muji Hotel Ginza is the third hotel for the brand, with the other two locations in Beijing and Shenzhen.


The Muji Hotel Ginza officially opens April 4, 2019, and reservations are available online now.

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