This man is almost unrecognizable after his dramatic weight loss journey

He even inspired a group of friends that now follow him on his hikes. “It’s great. Look, Vance isn’t just helping himself. Look, he’s helping everyone,” said Hinds’ friend David Snell. “The truth be told, we all got a weight problem. Vance is pushing all of us by getting involved. Everything he’s doing is a motivation. You know he’s showing the message ‘if Vance Hinds can do it, then we all can do it.’”

A former professional wrestler was also captivated by Hinds’ drive, and offered to help with DDP Yoga.

Vance keep things fresh by incorporating all kinds of workouts, from water aerobics to hiking to body pumps.

Vance also replaced the fat food with healthy eating options.

And started swimming regularly.

Vance with his aerobics class.

Here he is just one year later in November 2018. In that time, Vance has lost a remarkable 198 pounds!

Great job, Vance.

Watch the full video of his amazing year above.

Via Bored Panda

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