May 18, 2024

This kickass blogger has launched a super inspiring movement to encourage brands

The latest body positivity campaign to sweep social media is the #makemysize fashion movement, which calls for brands to broaden their body diversity in their clothing and marketing.

The movement was launched by Katie Sturino, aka @the12ishstyle, who describes herself as a ’12ish in a Size 2 world’.

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Social media is a pretty powerful place and people are using it to launch campaigns close to their hearts.

Explaining her campaign on social media, she said: “You guys, I can’t stop! ! ! I’ve hit my limit with designers who don’t consider my body type! Please post your frustrated fitting room selfies and the styles you wish were available to you with the #MakeMySize hashtag…they are listening…let them know. ”

She shared a photo from inside the Lulemon shop, donning the brand’s clothes alongside a caption that read: “@lululemon #makemysize. So many of you have requested a #makemysize with this brand because of the sizing and the lack of body diversity in their marketing…not to mention they only go up to a 12 in store.

“I chatted with someone this weekend who told me she has never even entered the store bc she doesn’t think they have her size.

“What do you think? Is this your experience? Let me know and tell me what other athletic brands do you struggle with? #makemysize (ps my blog has a piece on over 60 brands to shop right now if you need some inspiration! ). ”

Her post amassed thousands of likes and over 400 comments from people who felt passionately about the movement. Since then, she has been sharing #makemysize posts from retailers she feels don’t cater to her size; and her followers have been following her lead.

We love seeing people calling for body diversity on social media and we hope to see a change soon.

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