This is why you hardly ever see Rihanna wearing eyeliner

There are only two people Rihanna trusts to be her Fenty Global Makeup Artists: Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal.

In London for the launch of the new Fenty Morrocan Spice Eyeshadow Palette, Flyliner, Pro Filter Eye Primer, plus two new eye brushes (phew!), GLAMOUR caught up with Priscilla, queen of eye makeup herself, to steal her makeup tips, get the latest bad gal goss and stare into her big brown eyes…

Rihanna’s no liner eyeliner

Since Fenty’s launch, every product release has been very much Rihanna. Loud lip colours, poppin’ highlighters and a badass body lava.

But she’s not usually the type to rock a big cat eye or winged eyeliner look.

Why? Because she prefers a tight line right on the lash liner, just to subtly define the eye.

“I remember when I first starting working with her, it was really nerve-wracking for me to get it SO THIN and right on the lash line”, says Priscilla.

“I think she created the perfect eyeliner for her, because the tip of Flyliner is so thin and allows you to do a really thin lash line.”

But of course you can also build it up to create thicker liner looks too.

Working with different eye shapes

Having worked with trillions of models and clients, Priscilla knows how to work with eyes of all different shapes and sizes.

Her top tip for hooded eyes especially? “Always create your eyeliner flick with your eyes open.”

“If you do it with your eyes closed, when you open it, it will look unflattering.”

She says to start on the outside and go upward with your liner, then you can close your eye to finish the inner corner.

“Thicker on the outside and thinner on the inside will create a really flattering, lifting effect.”

As for monolids, the trick is to create your own crease with your eyeshadows.

“The higher you go, the more dramatic, the lower you go the more subtle.”

“I like to apply it right where the eye socket is”, she says “Even if you can’t see it, you can feel it”, says Priscilla.

Watch Priscilla create three different eye looks on three different models:
Priscilla’s 3 can’t-live-without Fenty products
1. Matchstix

“If I could only pick three to use for the rest of my life, one would definitely be Matchstix because I could do anything. I could do foundation, I could do contour, conceal, blush, I could even do brows. I could literally do a full face with Matchstix.”

2. Glossbomb

“Glossbomb for sure because of all the shea butter that’s in it. It’s so moisturising. We use it as a treatment sometimes, Rihanna and I will just put it on before makeup application to really hydrate the lips.”

3. Killawatt

“Because who doesn’t want to shine? Who doesn’t want to highlight? Who doesn’t want to glow? My favourite is Mean Money Hu$tla Baby.”

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