This Is Why Every Woman Needs Her Tribe

What do you think about female friendships? Do you see them as a powerful force that increases your mental and emotional strength and helps you find your true self? Well, in the past, women were spending more time together.

They were gathering food, sharing the care of their babies, and cooking together. In some regions, there was even a tradition called the “Red Tent” where women gathered together during their menstruation to empower each other.

They showed respect to one another, creating a world that embraces honesty and respect for themselves, their daughters, and all other women.

On the other hand, women today are more separated from each other than ever. Some are isolated in their homes with their families, and others are too busy with their careers to spend some quality time with their girlfriends.

This Is Why Every Woman Needs Her Tribe

They have fewer opportunities to gather together, thus missing the chance to experience the amazing nourishment and healing that comes from being with one another.

The truth is, women are and always have been the pillars of the family and the center of family life. They have this invisible power that holds the family together.

So, when women come together, they not only provide each other mental and emotional support to be the best version of themselves, but they also encourage each other to pursue their dreams and goals.

This helps them in every aspect of life – in the family as a wife and mother, in the career and life in general.

This Is Why Every Woman Needs Her Tribe

It’s in the women’s nature to be emphatic and nurturer, so it’s important for them not only to give but also to receive love and affection. And, when a woman lacks these crucial elements, other women can feel it.

They instinctively know what she needs and help her heal by just spending time with her. It’s strange, but women have the power to heal each other.

True friendships are good for our physical and psychological well-being in so many ways. They make our lives better and can have even a greater impact on us then our family has.

This is especially true for women. They have an invisible thread that binds them together. They know best how to support and help each other when needed, of course when it comes to friendships that work.

In a way, women help each other to find themselves and to love themselves for the person they are. According to some researchers, the secret behind the power of female friendship is the hormone oxytocin.

This Is Why Every Woman Needs Her Tribe

This hormone helps us release stress, thus calming us down. But, Dr. Shelley Taylor and Laura Klein explain that the production of this hormone is further increased when we befriend, especially women.

When women are under stress, they produce estrogen which increases the effects of oxytocin. This, in turn, makes them to seek social support. Friendship gives them the comfort that reduces the impact of stress.

And, this is one of the main differences between women and men’s behavior. When men are stressed, they tend to deal with it with aggression. That’s because stress increases the production of testosterone in men.

Friendships between women are special. Women talk about deep stuff, problems they have every day no matter if they haven’t seen each other for months or even years. They help each other to reduce the stress hormone and calm down. This, in turn, increases longevity.

That’s why every woman needs her female tribe. What do you think? Do you think women are better friends than men? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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