This is what women’s pubic hair looks like around the world

Personally, I’ve been grooming my downstairs department since the age of 15. Over that time, I’ve tried many different hairstyles. I’ve shaven, I’ve plucked. I’ve been waxed professionally, and amateur-ly (by myself and a lovely, but definitely not trained lady in Thailand).

And now I’ve settled on a completely hair-free foof thanks to ice laser.

But one woman’s wonderfully smooth vagina is not all women’s vaginas. And if you’ve ever been curious about what’s going on inside the underwear of women in different corners of the world, you’ve come to the right place…

Our groins are the ‘most groomed’ area

According to Advanced Dermatology, 68 per cent of women groom the front area of their groin, a close second to our underarms, which sits at 67 per cent. The most popular method is said to be by using a manual razor every few days, a habit most of us started in high school.

This is what women's pubic hair looks like around the world

Most of us prefer it trimmed and tidy

The same study revealed that when it comes to our style preferences, 47 per cent of us like to keep it at a ‘trimmed’ length. 29 per cent like to go the full bald eagle, 19 per cent leave it au naturale, and five per cent just like a little shaping.

We’re not so embarrassed by our bush

If embarrassment is ever felt for fuzz, it appears we’re pretty unphased about our vaginas. Women say hairy underarms, legs or the upper lip are the top three they tend to feel most self-conscious about.

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You may be surprised by the different waxing trends that are emerging. But when it comes to the most popular in each country, we tend to keep it pretty traditional.

Cynthia Chua, CEO and Founder of Ministry of Waxing – a company personally responsible for pruning over four million bushes in twelve cities, says they’ve observed the following in their stores…

“Women in Singapore are very progressive; they have long moved from bikini to Brazilian waxing. And they have moved beyond waxing into vulva care. Rosebud Rejuvenation, a non-invasive anti-ageing vulva facial, is one of our most popular treatments in Singapore.”

“In large markets like China, local are now slowly gravitating towards bikini and Brazilian waxes, when before most of our clients were expats.”

As for dear old London town? Apparent we’re very similar to New York, in that we are mature markets when it comes to hair removal services, but we’re yet to embrace non-invasive vulva care solutions that appeal to the masses.

“We’ve also recently opened a store in Mumbai, and beyond the treatment, we notice that there’s an increasing want for a higher standard of service of hygiene, speed and quality. Consumers are looking for reliable brands with proven standards.”

“As for cities like Manila, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, we are receiving more customers interested in Brazilian wax.”

And now you know more than is really necessary about pubic hair. You’re welcome.

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