This is what it’s really like to be psychic

Emma describes herself as a psychic, clairvoyant, healer, reader, crystal whisperer, and an intuitive. She uses her powers to read people, heal people and look into their past and future.

“I never grew up knowing what I could do, how I did some of the things I did, how I felt everything or felt other people’s pain. For a really long time, I thought it was all my own ‘stuff’, so I bundled myself in, hid myself away and became very suppressed and skeptical of myself and my blessings,” says Emma Lucy Knowles.

Emma first realised her powers when she foresaw her grandparents’ deaths, explaining: “I learnt about my grandparents’ tragic deaths through spirits and alarmed my mum with the information and detail on what was seemingly just another ‘ordinary day’. After that, I spent a long time trying to shut down the psychic in me (again, not knowing what it was) and it got louder and louder because you can’t turn the light off, and thankfully so!”

Emma then started using her powers to help others, explaining: “My work found me and for that, I am forever grateful – it enabled me to turn a series of somewhat painful life experiences into something really wonderful. Working on healing myself, learning to work and walk with spirit and to trust every step (not always so easily) allowed me to transform not only my own pain into something worthwhile, but to work with others to help grow through their own traumas.”

She also started working with crystals at the tender age of 7, using them to heal herself and others. “They became ‘friends’ in some of my most challenging moments, some of the happiest moments and also some of the most powerful,” she said.

“The crystal work allowed me to listen to myself, to work towards knowing who I was and knowing it was more than just what I was feeling and thinking. To be able to work with them in a healing session is just amazing – to share their magic and open their magic to another – really rocks my heart.”

This is the woman Victoria Beckham relies on for crystal healing

In fact, Emma has become such an expert in crystal healing that she’s got her very own book all about it and has amassed a famous fan.

Victoria Beckham invited crystal healer and author of The Power Of Crystal Healing, Emma, to work in her Dover Street store to offer shoppers their own crystal healing session.

Taking to Instagram, Mrs B shared this post explaining…

“I carry crystals with me all the time and have included them in my #VBPreAW18 collection this season so I’m thrilled to be offering my followers the opportunity to have a complimentary Crystal Reading with @your_emmalucy at my #VBDoverSt store in London this Saturday!,” she wrote.

Emma explains that when she works with people, she sees ‘films’. “The films from spirits give guidance about what needs shifting, alleviating in their life or clues about what they can work towards achieving.”

Emma added: “The pure joy of the work is the array of people I get to work with – kids, adults, those leaving the planet – those wanting to dance more in it – we are in a huge turning and shifting point in terms of spiritual enlightenment. I feel so blessed to be able to be part of that adventure, not just in my own life but in that of so many other awesome people the globe over.”

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