This is what 1st place couples costumes look like, Photos

When the tables have turned.

It’s so fluffy.

Gordon Ramsay at his finest.

Stranger Things inspired costumes.

Want to win a costume contest? Here’s a winner.

Classic Instagram model.

The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Halloween costumes.

This guy used his height to his advantage. Mario Kart anyone?

This guys girlfriend took advantage of his broken foot for their costumes.

These Silent Hill costumes must have taken forever.

Star Wars



Nailed the Shining inspired costumes.

Hocus Pocus

The Adams Family.

Dude and his girlfriend dressed up as Catdog.

Edward Scissorhands and his topiary bush.

Jay and Silent Bob

Curious George with the man In the yellow hat.

The Sticky Bandits from Home Alone.

Bob Ross is a timeless costume you can never go wrong with.

Beauty and the Beast

Guy only has one hand, so her gets creative with his costumes.

A Starry Night with artist Van Gogh.

Yin and Yang

Penn Teller

His gf couldn’t make the party, so he dressed up for both of them.

Home made Daft Punk

Girl tore up his knee so her bf told her to dress up as an old rich man and he would dress up as his escort.

Moth + Lamp

When your parents won the costume contest.

Taco – Belle

Lord of the Rings inspired costumes.

Peanut Butter and jelly

Juno inspired couples costume.

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