May 18, 2024

This is the sofa you keep seeing on Instagram (and sales are up 115%)

The Togo settee was designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy and it was described as a ‘tube of toothpaste folded over on itself and closed at both ends’. It’s Ligne Roset’s best-seller in the UK and has been ever since its release date in the seventies.

As the world stays at home, fashion and interiors have never been more closely aligned. In our pre-Covid lives we’d see outfits showcased on the streets and at the world’s most exclusive fashion events, but now we’re seeing them displayed in the home.

From a place to lounge to the ultimate mirror-selfie backdrop, Ligne Roset’s 1973 Togo is popping up all over influencer feeds.

The newly released all-foam Togo features in the homes of the world’s most major influencers like Pernille Isbaek, Celine Aagaard and Aylin Koenig fashionably display the sofa on their social media. Michel Roset, Creative Director of Ligne Roset, explains that “the arrival of the all-foam Togo and its revolutionary way of living encouraged people to explore new directions for their homes and told them, “yes, you can be different! ”

We’re seeing the Togo as a placement setting for accessories, as the background of influencer #OOTD shots and in all its glory as interior inspiration posts all over Instagram – it’s practically one of the biggest fashion statements you can make from home in 2020.

Elena Paparozzi, Senior Furniture and Brands Buyer at Heal’s, comments: “The Togo sofa by Ligne Roset is a true design icon, breaking the furniture blueprint with a blend of inviting curves, voluptuous foam filling, striking colours and a unique, pleated finish. With this in mind, it’s somewhat unsurprising that the combination of these features continues to resonate with design-lovers, and is as popular – if not more so – as when it was released in the early seventies. ”

So why has lockdown in particular got the influencers going loco for the Togo? Elena says that the Togo sofa has long been Heal’s best-selling sofa but this year, sales of the Togo collection are currently up by 115%. Linge Roset informed us that their first lorry en route to the UK after reopening after two months of lockdown was largely stuffed with Togo orders.

“Since the start of lockdown, and as a result of spending more time at home, we’ve noticed how our customers are looking to build a more flexible way of living within their interiors. This has been demonstrated by a 48% uplift in sales of Togo’s corner range compared to last year. A clever, modular design means pieces can be easily separated and re-configured to suit changing lifestyle demands – something we’re all experiencing as our homes become much more of a multi-functioning environment” continues Elena.

Elena advises that “super-light fabrics mean you can easily move an individual module into different areas of the room, perhaps to become enveloped in the cushioning as you curl up with a good book, or to build a luxurious cinema-style setting. Position a sweeping floor lamp over the sofa to diffuse a gentle illumination in any setting, or simply as a way to help create a statement focal point within the room – the sofa itself will do the rest. ”

While most influencers’ homes are muted and minimal, the Togo collection has a huge variety of colour options, so you can pick the perfect shade to reflect your personality. Prices start at £748 for a footrest and cost up to £6,903 for the complete corner sofa. Most of us have been well and truly embedded into our sofas since the lockdown began so it’s worth investing in a quality piece that will last through and beyond lockdown; you can even pass it down through generations in a way to combat waste.
Get your hands on one while you can…

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