This is the most amazing fishtail braid we’ve ever seen and here’s how you can recreate it

Olivia Palermo has been a valuable source of hair inspiration since she first appeared on The Hills with her balayage and boss attitude.

And long before she became known for her glossy lob and modern sombre colour, she served us one of the best fishtail braids of all time.


And we could think of no one better to recreate the look with other than her London based hairstylist, Jordan Garrett of Hershesons.

Here is the result… Now find out how to do it at home.

“The key to this look is to embrace flyaways and a messy texture – avoid using any brushes and work with your fingers,” says Jordan.

Here is Jordan’s step-by-step guide:

“To re-create this look, you will have five sections of fishtail braids – one in the middle, two side braids and another two on the inner sides, which will join in a cool tie at the bottom,” says Jordan.

If your fishtail braiding is a little rusty watch our tutorial here

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Now follow these steps:

  1. When creating your sections make sure they are messy and not neat.
  2. Start with the middle braid first and then work your way down the head as you would with a normal plait.
  3. The side braids aka ‘Scalp Fishtails’ should be kept tight to the scalp and then softly pulled out to make it looked relaxed and not too bridal.
  4. Wrap and twist parts where it feels natural, making sure to keep a spare piece of loose hair down the body of the braid.
  5. For those with shorter hair I recommend using a hairpiece for a fuller effect. Try the Hershesons Instant Length Clip In Extension.

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