This is the 90s denim trend we’ll all be wearing this season

Without having to be physically present in the office, and only half presentable from the waist up on zoom, the nation has taken inspiration from Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life heyday and turned the humble trackie into everyday wear.

The only problem? We don’t want to get out of it.

If you were one of many people across the UK heading back to the office this week, you will have faced this dilemma. How do you look professional and presentable whilst retaining the comfort you’ve become so accustomed to. Well, we have the perfect solution. Enter: the baggy jean.

Have you tried to get back into your pre lockdown denim? Warning: It’s not much fun. From a significantly tightened waistband (‘quarantine 15’, anyone?) to stiff fabrics that leave indents on your skin, jeans have become a far cry from our standard WFH attire which consisted of several tracksuits on rotation – maybe leggings at a push.

Once known as a 90s fashion staple, big, billowing and loose-fitting styles are fast becoming a failsafe wardrobe staple for Autumn. ‘Baggy and oversized jeans are up in searches 166 percent and 109 percent in comparison to last year’, revealed Trendalytics Sarah Barnes on The Zoe Report. Given our new casuallifestyles and our craving for comfort, it’s hardly surprising – and we are seriously here for it.

Now that you’re fully on board with denim that strongly resembles your sweats in the comfort stakes, where do you begin the search? For cheap and cheerful high street staples, try Arket’s hugely popular loose barrel style, or for a more vintage feel, opt for Urban Outfitter’s high waisted puddle jeans. If you’re looking to make an investment purchase, Raey’s signature dad style or Agolde’s high rise jeans are a winner.

With a trusty pair of stylish baggy jeans in your arsenal, a return to daily denim won’t see so bad after all. If anything, you’ll feel better for it. So take lead from the Scandi street style set and supersize your denim for Autumn. Just remember: the bigger, the better.

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