April 17, 2024

This is the £2. 99 hair oil that hairdressers are secretly obsessed with

It’s already too warm to spend hours and hours onstraighteningand preening ourhairto perfection, so when we do, it’s a treat, the kind of treat that shouldn’t be a wasted effort as soon as you leave the house from the crippling humidity, out to turn your luscious locks into Monica fromFriendsin Barbados.

You already know what we’re talking about.

Ah, summer time. While we love you and heading to a rooftop bar at every opportunity to sip on Aperol Spritz, there’s one thing that really *really* gets to us – frizz.

We’ve tried expensive serums, dehumidifying tools, keratin treatments, and yet, the one product that has conquered all turned out to be £2. 99.

Inecto Divine Shine Coconut Hair Oil costs less than your daily coffee, and with its protective and shine-increasing properties, it’s not one to be sniffed at.

It’s still a pretty *underground* product, being stocked in pharmacies and bargain-buy shops, but lots of top hairdressers have already jumped on it, providing their clients with super-sleek hair in a bottle.

Speaking from experience, I fell in love with it when my hairdresser used it on freshly bleached hair, which transformed what should have been chewing-gum-textured-knots, to virgin-like hair with even more gloss – and the stylist in question also secretly revealed that other salons are opting for it over higher-end products.

Packed with coconut oil (AKA the magic hair ingredient everyone’s obsessed with RN), the product has a number of 5-star reviews that aren’t to be sniffed at.

One review said: “I have been looking for ages too find a good serum that will recover my awful bleached blonde, dead hair and I now have! This stuff is amazing worth every penny, even when you use it once it shows improvements, my hair is shiny and sleek as if I have never dyed it”

While another raved: “Simply amazing. Tames any frizz, doesn’t weigh the hair down, smells sweet and is cheap! The best hair product ever. ”

It’s also worth a special shoutout that all Inecto products are vegan-friendly and 90% natural origin – great for the animals, the planet AND your hair. Winner, winner.

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