This is how to conceal your acne in four simple steps

We’ve all suffered from acne at some point in our lives and while we are so here for the current movement to embrace spots, some women would rather conceal theirs with makeup in between acne treatments.

If you are in the latter camp (we aren’t judging either way), and have no idea how to conceal your acne, we’ve got the answers you need.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing more harm than good when you attempt to cover up acne or a pesky blemish, which is why we called upon Katie Snooks to give us her top tips – and they’re definitely going to change your routine.

Speaking candidly about her own skin struggles, Katie says: “The thing about acne is that everyone can relate to it. If you do suffer, please don’t feel too embarrassed or ashamed because we can all relate and there’s plenty of things we can do to cover it and help our self-confidence.”

In this incredibly simple but informative step-by-step video, Katie runs us through how to use makeup to cover your spots.

Katie runs us through the skincare she swears by for banishing redness from her blemishes, as well as how to stop her spots from becoming dry and flaky.

She also reveals how to balance out your skin tone using a clever green colour correcting pen and runs us through the makeup brushes she uses to apply her cosmetics. Handy!

She concludes the video by showing us how to ensure her concealing makeup stays put all day long using two genius products.

Who knew it could be so simple?

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