This is going to be your new BFF

There’s nothing like hanging out with your girlfriends – you have a laugh together, they’re always 100% honest with you, and no one else is better at preparing you for everything from first dates to dream interviews (with the full debriefs after, obvs).

In fact, the only negative about friends is having to leave them *we meet again, solo life*. If only we could bottle all the good times, laughs and adventures – find a scent that transports us straight back to those fun moments and gives us a burst of positivity when we need it most.

Meet the fragrance we pick when we want to feel the love: Girl Of Now Forever, £62 for 50ml EDP, Elie Saab. Joyous, feminine, fun – it’s a celebration of everything your girl crew is!

Name ring a bell? That’s because this Forever fragrance is the younger sister of Elie Saab’s 2017 scent Girl of Now. Familiar hints of almond and patchouli draw a comparison, while a playful swirl of fresh fruity notes and bright florals give this scent it’s own vibrant character.

As for when and how to wear it, here’s our friendly advice…

Seeing your squad straight after work?

Apply your perfume fresh from a shower or bath – the moisture will help lock the scent onto your skin and last all day.

Hot date?

Treat your hair to a little spritz or apply to your brush before running through to the ends. As your hair moves, you’ll enjoy a fresh wave of fragrance

Birthday brunch?

Spray onto your pulse points – wrists, neck, inside your elbows. But here’s a twist: don’t rub your wrists together as the heat will alter the top notes.

For a signature scent every day…

Spray onto some tissue paper inside your drawers to softly fragrance all of your clothes.

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