This Holistic Healing Beauty Routine Is Better Than an Hour of Meditation

Believe it or not, crystals aren’t just a made-for-Instagram fad – and they’re not just pretty home decor either. The practice of using gemstones to heal dates back to ancient times, and the energy captured in a piece of amethyst, citrine stone, and every beautiful quartz variation is stronger than you think. So strong, in fact, the benefits also span skin care.

If you struggle with puffiness in your face or are a victim of stress breakouts, allow a rose quartz roller to work its magic. With a bit of pressure and a series of long, strategic strokes, using a roller can aid in lymphatic drainage, erase harmful toxins from your body, and even jumpstart your immune system. With rose quartz’s reputation as a calming stone associated with self-love, your complexion will be set up for success. Bonus: you can even use a roller with your favorite skincare product to help the formula penetrate deeper into your skin.

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