This Giant Unicorn Sprinkler Will Be The Centerpiece Of Your Backyard This Summer

While the enormous lawn sprinklers are obviously great for kids, we suspect they’re going to be big hits with just about anyone in search of cool water when the mercury rises.

Right now Big Mouth Inc. is selling them for less than $50 a pop at Target, which is confusing, because we’re pretty sure all the reasonable people of Earth with lawns and hoses would be willing to pay way more than that for this level of entertainment.

Forget swan floats. If you’re really trying to up your Instagram game this summer, we’ve got good news–some genius invented giant, inflatable sprinklers that come in unicorn, dinosaur, and elephant shapes. This is the excuse you’ve been looking for to finally buy some rosé cider, try on your newest swimsuit, and finalize your warm-weather plans.

Obviously feel free to brush up on Khloe Kardashian’s 7-day fitness plan before hitting the lawn in your skimpiest summer gear, because competing with Instagram models is hard.

Just imagine popping an angry T-Rex dinosaur sprinkler up in your yard next to your most annoying neighbor, or perhaps wooing new friends with a friendly blue elephant the size of an actual zoo specimen.

The brand is also selling their pool floats for summer, including the already-famous frosted donut and recently-added newbies like a giant rose gold flamingo float and a bed-style float that appears to be an enormous bottle of very basic-but-appreciated rosé.

Cheers to warmer days!

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