June 17, 2024

This genius hack from Rihanna and Emma Watson’s makeup artist will ensure your lipstick lasts all day long

Finding your perfect red or the right matte lipstick is kind of like Tinder – looks can be deceiving. Just because the first swipe results in an impressive show of colour, it doesn’t mean they won’t turn out to be a dried up dud.

So when creating her own lipstick collection, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s answer to this matte lip (and boyfriend) dilemma, was to create a velvet texture, with a subtle reflective sheen to help colour maintain a creamy, rich look and feel as it wears.

Having worked with Rihanna, Emma Watson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lisa’s also a pro when it comes to application technique.

“Lipstick will always look better and last longer on smooth, well-hydrated lips, so apply a layer of balm and let it get to work while you’re doing your base and if your lips are flaky, roll a Q-tip along them – apply a bit of pressure as you go (this will gently remove any dry bits). ”

This genius hack from Rihanna and Emma Watson's makeup artist will ensure your lipstick lasts all day long

And her tips for getting three finishes from one bullet?

“For a full Hollywood pout, apply the first layer with a lip brush working the colour deep into the lip and blot. Then, using a lip pencil, perfect your lip shape, buffing it a little on to the lips to blend. Then apply a second coat of lipstick. This three layer stain increases the longevity and gives an uber sharp and professional finish,” says Lisa.

Alternatively, for a modern, blurred edge, “Apply lipstick straight from the bullet, gently blot and apply a second coat dabbing the colour over the top. Finish off by gently tapping the colour around the edges of the lips for a relaxed, slightly blurred edge. ”

If a bitten stain is more your thing, “Dab your ring finger tip on the lipstick and then pat lightly onto lips. Keep adding until you get your perfect level of colour and diffusion. ”

Now, all that’s left is to find your perfect autumn winter shade from these long-lasting, non-drying and liquid formulas…

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